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Rookie Vs. Veteran MiniCamp


Some teams in the NFL choose to use Rookies and Veterans at different points. I can clearly see some of the advantages for each, but what do you think, in the Texans case. I personally look at this as an opportunity to personal attention for the rookies, without the distractions of "Awing" the vet's! But, it would be adventacious to work together, getting on the same page, allowing the rookies to see what it takes to get to the next level in their career! This looks to be a pivotal year for the Texans to make it to the next level. If anyone has a perspective, let me know!
I think the first practice after the draft should only be for the Rookies. The reason I think this is because it will give the coaching staff a better chance of working with just the Rookies. If the Vets were there, then the coaching staff would be split working on the Vets and Rookies.
The NFL allows vets to participate in only one minicamp unless there's a new head coach in the picture (the Giants vets are already whining about Coughlin's extra "voluntary" minicamps).

This weekend is NFL 101 for the Texans rooks and 1st year players. The full squad minicamp is June 14-16.

From the CBA:



Section 1. Number: Each League Year each Club may hold a maximum of one mandatory minicamp for veteran players. If a Club hires a new head coach after the end of the regular season, that Club may hold two additional voluntary minicamps for veteran players. There is no limitation on the number of minicamps a Club may hold for rookie players.

Section 2. Length: No minicamp may exceed three days in length, plus one day for physical examinations. If possible, minicamps should be scheduled for weekends and not in conflict with previously scheduled meetings of the NFLPA Board of Reps or the annual NFLPA convention.

Section 3. Expenses: Any veteran player who attends a minicamp will receive meal allowances in accordance with Article XXXIX (Meal Allowance), Section 1 of this Agreement, plus all travel expenses to and from the camp, plus “per diem” payments at the rate provided in Article XXXVII (Salaries), Section 4 of this Agreement. In addition, the Club will provide housing at minicamps for players coming from out‑of‑town.

Section 4. Contact: There will be no contact work (e.g., “live” blocking, tackling, pass rushing, bump‑and‑run) or use of pads (helmets permitted) at minicamps.

Section 5. Injuries: Any player injured in a Club’s minicamp will be protected in the same manner as if injured during the Club’s pre‑season training camp.
I like it that the vets aren't there yet. I think it messes up the focus of the minicamp and that is just to get the rookies used to the terminology and schemes and like AJ said it is football 101 .. The vets know all of this (or should)

The rookies will have plenty of time to deal with the "big boys" :worm:
There are also "coaching sessions" between now and the full squad minicamp and I think the vets are allowed to attend these since they are not technically a minicamp. Not sure of the exact difference though.
Rookies need the one-on-one work more than the Vets. Although, I am sure that the better veteran players are working hard to keep in shape and prepare for the next season.