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Post game discussion - Jags @Texans

Pass rush deficiencies were clearly evident. I feel like we missed Noah Brown's presence as well. Pass protection and defense was horrible.

Stroud was able to make some plays happen but we have to protect him better. A few plays today were the difference.

I don't have the energy to talk about the officiating..
Agree about the pass rush but I’d rather beef up the line before adding another playmaker. We’ve seen teams add playmakers without addressing the line and it usually doesn’t work
Our receiving corp is not bad. We will get Noah Brown back at some point and he adds another dimension.
It was nice to see Xavier Hutchinson make a nice play today.
Our running game couldn't get going and that hurt us too.
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Everyone gets a bit of the blame. Multiple games of Tunsil getting obliterated. Another game where Slowik calls a streak play on 3rd & short in a crucial moment. Officiating was bad but still isn’t an excuse for the Texans not to win the game. Jags ranked as a top 5 bad ol and we couldn’t get one sack or stop the run with the game on the line. I hope Cj develops a Manning/Brady play recognition cadence game. Im still baffled the Texans every week seems like one of the only good nfl teams that consistently has key players out. I don’t want Jimmy Ward on this roster next season. Go retire
We showed a lot of character to keep that game close. Not our best performance in a number of areas, including play-calling, and Stroud perhaps trying to do too much. Most concerning for me was the lack of pressure we got on Lawrence.

The officiating was obviously poor, and had a huge impact on the game. Two big connections to Dell called back, numerous phanton PI/holding calls, and the blatant missed call we got away with on the Stingley INT.

Despite all that, with Fairbairn in the team we win this game.

Need to regroup, lick our wounds and do the business next week.
I hate playing the referee card but bad refereeing does/can make a difference in a game that typically has 4-6 plays being the difference. I don’t necessarily buy that the game is rigged or the gambling aspect of it, but the refereeing is bad enough to make those legitimate concerns, and that’s not good.

The 2 long pass plays on 3rd and 1 and 4th and 1 were very bad play calls IMO, and of course you don’t know what they go on to do if they get the 1st down, but all things remaining equal, that could have been the difference in the game.

Stroud has to learn to throw the ball at the receiver’s feet and live for another play instead of taking a 15 yard sack. I think that’s what LZ meant when he tweeted he thought Stroud tried to do too much.

Not sure Ka’imi would have made a 58 yard FG, but at least he’s been pretty solid from 50+ as opposed to guy attempting a 58 yarder who has NEVER made one over 50. That vs. 4th and 12 was a tough situation to be in so I have no problem with either decision really. That last sack played a BIG role in that though.

The Texans played them tough despite not having the ball (coughrefscough) bounce their way. They are definitely headed in the right direction. They just don’t have all the pieces yet.
I left this game wondering who was the better team. That’s sad because it should be obvious. Refs impacted the game too much. They shouldn’t have called the Tank 58 yarder a flag. They should have called the sting interception a hold. They shouldn’t have called the phantom PI Calls. They shouldn’t have called the phantom defensive holding calls.

It was too much. It’s ultimately doing too much. Refs shouldn’t be ticky tack. They should call the obvious.

I think a lot of analysis can be done on the what’s and why’s of this loss but can’t help but feel that in year 1 of CJ Stroud the Texans came up just short of year 3 of Trevor Lawrence and that bodes very well for the future. I think a good draft and a healthy roster puts us away and clear atop the AFC South for the next decade.

I’ll be much more critical of a loss like today’s in a years time but I wasn’t expecting us to be contesting the lead of the division post-thanksgiving coming into what is a rookie season on multiple levels for the Texans.

I’m still hopeful that we can sneak into the playoffs, our schedule is still very favourable and there is a lot of mediocrity around rest of the league. Playoff experience would be great for this young roster.
I didn’t see the game. What happened here?
Jags were marginally the better team.
Their superior pass rush overpowered our Oline consistently - this was the main difference I could see while our rush wasn't getting enough pressure on Lawrence.
Our running game was non existent as well.
I have high hopes for the rest of the season as we keep adding stars back off injury.

Yeah we can't control it but I'm still upset. I'm usually sympathetic about the difficulty of that job but today was inexcusable.
Jags were marginally the better team.
Their superior pass rush overpowered our Oline consistently - this was the main difference I could see while our rush wasn't getting enough pressure on Lawrence.
Our running game was non existent as well.
I have high hopes for the rest of the season as we keep adding stars back off injury.
That's a very accurate summary of today's game except I'd go farther about the los and say the Jags were better on both sides, so therfore we've got some more pieces we need to add to our team.
And how about that WR Ridly: would like to add one of those to CJ's array of weapons.
Lawrence is a good young QB, but IMO he's got nothing on our guy.
If the NFL were to fix this game, you'd think they'd fix it the other way. The CJ Stroud story is among the most compelling in the NFL at the moment. The officiating was just plain bad, no need to concoct a conspiracy theory.

Not to mention which market would the league prefer to keep involved throughout the postseason, the one with 7.5M potential viewers or the one with 1.5M potential viewers?
1- The refs were atrocious. The phantom defensive holding call on Nelson on 3rd and long in the 3rd Q changed the game. We were getting the ball back. Jags went down and scored. That was a horse manure call.
2- Stroud took too many sacks today.
3- I didn’t like the back to back long pass plays on 3rd and 4th down, BUT Schultz had his man beat bad. Should have been a completion.
4- The Oline got it handed to them today.
5- Scruggs held his own for the most part
6- The defense today was the worst I’ve seen. Sunshine went for almost 400.
7- see #6, Texans D gave up big play after big play.7 or 8 plays of over 40 yards for the Jags.
8- The refs changed the outcome of that game
9- That last series if Stroud can step up in the pocket and still get sacked, it goes to OT. Tough play though
The officiating was atrocious. The “illegal shift” call on the huge pass play when the announcers looked at replay and said “it must have happened somewhere else”.

Like they don’t have multiple views on each snap. Bullshit. Phantom call and nothing to back it up.

Even Stroud was asking the officials who moved.
I don't believe that the games are rigged otherwise I would care as much for the Texans as I do any wrestler in the WWF/E.

I DO however believe it is poorly managed and even though there is some level of pretend accountability with players if they make bad plays/decisions (Fines, suspensions etc.)in a moment but little to no accountability from the refs when they get it so painfully wrong.

The one thing I have learned is that incompetence CAN sometimes look like sabotage.

Maybe the fix IS in but if I believed that Id walk away never to return... so... I believe its just incompetence that rolls down hill.