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Platinum Parking Pass PSL


Practice Squad
Looking to sell the PSL for my Platinum Parking Pass.
No Parking passes have been purchased for the 2020 season as of yet.
Best Offers.
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Practice Squad
Thanks for the reply. I have PSL's and a parking pass. If I'm not mistaken, there are no PSL's associated with parking passes. Are you just looking to sell your season parking pass? If there are PSL's associated with parking passes could you please let me know where I can find that information at so I could make you an offer.
Thanks again!


Practice Squad
You are correct, I'm just looking to sell my parking pass.
I do have PSL's for 2 seats in Sec 109, Row F, Seats 18-19 but I was planning on keeping the seats for now. I can consider selling the seats as well but I would want to at least get
my expenses covered and I bought them for USD 6750 (each) back in the day.