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Patriots at Texans


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I'd love to say I think the Texans have a real chance in this one, but I just can't.

The #2 Total and Passing Defense vs. our inconsistent Offense? Ouch.

Our "who wants to play today?" secondary vs. Tom Brady (even if injured)? I'll be shocked if we don't get torched for 350+ yds.

Here's hoping I'm wrong, but it's pretty much the same feeling I had going into the Ravens game...either we squeak one out, or get blown out badly again. Given how we barely escaped a gimpy Colts team, I expect the latter.

Pats - 38
Texans - 13
Happy to be wrong! Don’t care if it was flu, phase of the moon, or late bookie money... I’ll take that W vs. the Patriots any way we can get it.

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Great win that will go a long way going forward but still so much football left to go. Overall, Watson showed why he's most likely our QB of the future. The defense played very well outside of the last drive where they just slagged off (can't do that in the playoffs). The game wasn't as close as the final score. Bill O'Brien and RAC did excellent coaching jobs tonight all things considered.


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Historically we are 1-10 against the Pats, they have an elite defense including the best corner in the NFL, we got destroyed by the Ravens and were one extra catch by Hill away from losing to Colts, Brady may not be the best right now but he’s still Brady.

Yeah if we win this Hallmark better make a damn movie out of it. Miracle on Kirby Drive.
Someone get cracking on that movie!

Great win.

Could have shown some defensive life on that last NE drive but I'll take it


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"Anybody thinking we score multiple TDs this game needs to be committed."
That's right. Committed to winning the division.
After we went up 28-9, I thought they would lift Tom Brady. Playing hurt was obviously affecting his game adversely.


Besides enjoying our win, I was like watching a 78 rpm record on 33 player when Al and Chris tried to get up to speed on comments. It was as if Trump just won and the crat media was trying to report the vote returns.


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Can one of you guys find me a picture of Hyde on a milk carton?
Not sure, but tonight Duke seemed to fit better with what they were trying to do. Pulse every time Hyde was in they knew it was a run and just stacked the line. Duke at least keep them semi honest.