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Need Help for a Brazilian coming to the Xmas game vs Steelers

Rafael Maia

Practice Squad
Hello everyone,

I´m a huge huge fan from Brazil. Actually I´ve a Texan´s logo tatooed in my left arm. This year I´m coming to your town to spen my vacations, and of course, to watch a Texans game at NRG Stadium.

My problem is that I didn´t realize that Houston has a diferente timezone, and bought a bad flight ticket. I will arrive in Dallas Forth Worth at 10h13m - dec-25. The game is schedulle to begin at 15h30min of the same day. Now I´m worryng if it will be possible to arrive at the stadium for the Kickoff.

I´m planning to stay at Expandded Stay América Hotel near from NRG Stadium, to avoid traffic. So I´m planning to get out of the Dallas Airport at 11h, drive for 4 hours (is it possibile?) Arrive at 15h ate hotel, walk 10 min and get to the Stadium at 15h10.

Am I dreaming? Is it possible? Do you guys have some tips to give to me?

Go Texans!


Staff member
Considering you'll be dealing with customs, that's cutting it really close, even if you didn't check into the hotel until after the game.

You might consider getting a short hop flight from DFW to IAH (or HOU) and rent your car there. I see a couple of United and American flights that would work.

Rafael Maia

Practice Squad
Thank you very much!
I've found a flight from Dallas at 11h45m, arriving at Houston at 1h p.m. That's great... I think I can get to NGR at 2h30 p.m. With no problem.

That was a great advice!