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Hall of Fame
I posted this on FB..... I just want people - our Blue Crew family to know why I fly "Moms" jersey from the rafters of our expansive tailgate & tents:

July 13th, 1944 God delivered an angel to this world. July 16th, 2013, HE called her home. While that breaks my sister's Tracy Pennington and my heart, we know, accept and understand she's with God. That doesn't stop the loss, hurt or mourning we have. Both "Tray" and I know that we'll see her soon but not yet. Moms would want (and with a scorn) - AND expect us to live our lives to the fullest. It's hard at times because there is always an emptiness that Tray and I deal with in our hearts.... My "Moms" was the only woman in my life that loved me unconditionally - knowing I was an EFF-Up..... "Tray" and I will continue to 'live'. We'll continue to be inspired by Mom's tireless love, dedication and work ethic. Happy Birthday and thank-you for being my "MOMS"!!! I love you and miss YOU!!!

"Moms" will always be a part of "Blue Crew" as long as I'm alive! (which I understand won't be forever). That said, in 3 days I'll wind up posting drivel about the day she passed away.

In any event, I love all my "Blue Crew" family! Y'all have always supported me through all "Moms" struggles and through her passing.

PEACE!! I can't wait to see each and every one of you this football season!! Moms would want nothing less than "Here's to good family, food and football"!!!

Sorry about the diatribe. It was not meant to be self-serving - I promise. It's just venting if you will!!!


Hall of Fame
"Moms" turned 72 today!! I love, miss and cherish her everyday!!! Love ya "Moms"! Happy Birthday!!!!
Blue Crew Loves (or hates) you as well!

Momma, unfortunately Blue Crew is stuck with me..... RIP Moms. I'll see ya soon.

But not yet.. Not yet!! I wanna bring a SB Championship with me!!