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Mike Shanahan

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H-Town Beatdown
I've got Travis Henry. I'm thinking about picking up Selvin Young for a handcuff since he's been named the #2 RB.

Then I hear about Mike Shanahan's reputation for screwing over fantasy owners....

Do you guys think that this is for real or is it a cruel trick?

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I had both Mike and Tatum Bell for most of last season, and yes, it was a pain in the butt with MS and their respective injuries. This year, I drafted Henry and expect none of the crap from last year...but I did pick up Selvin Young when it was announced he was #2...just so I could sleep at night. :cool:


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They say Shanahan screws fantasy owners, because he usually goes with a Running back by committee.

But that's only because he hasn't found a real every down back since TD. Someone who can catch out of the backfield, block on passing downs, run in open space, get the short yards, power in for a TD, run the stretch.... etc...

Clinton Portis was the closest thing he's had since, & Travis Henry is similar, IMHO.

Obviously, I'm not a head coach, but if I were in Shanahan's shoes, Mike Bell would be in the game inside the 20.. that is if he's still healthy, I really don't know.

Selvin Young is a good runner, and may be the starter before the end of the season, if he can show he can do all those other things.