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LA Rams @ Seattle Seahawks (7:00 PM on Fox/NFLNet)


Hall of Fame
Former Texans JD Clowney and his Seahawks teammates host the LA Rams who are fresh off of their stunning loss at home in southern Cal to the TB Buccaneers.
Big game for both of these teams in the NFC West. I'm really looking forward to watching JDC on this nationally televised game tonight.


Hall of Fame
Damn, Clowney is looking good.
Especially when you can get him for a third round pick.
But yet Seattle is doing with him what RAC was doing with him....dropping him into coverage. Rams' 2 minute offense to end the 1st half, I saw Clowney drop into coverage 3 times, including the TD pass from Goss to end the half. Clowney was in the middle of the field near the goal line.


Dirty Old Man
Normally in a strictly NFC game with Seattle I'd be pulling for Seattle, but not tonight. I hate Seattle's frickin uniforms, they hurt my eyes.