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JJ Watt is thinking about re-joining the Texans for a playoff push?

This guy after raising good points on JJ coming back and then says at the end of video that many viewers asked how is his health. It stood out that he said a AZ defense coach is now playing with the Texans but also he played all games last year including sacks tackles etc so he must be doing very well health wise.
LOL, as impossibly unlikely as this would be could you imagine a jacked up JJ Watt running through the tunnel to start in our first 2024 playoff game to the surprise of everyone. They should do that just for the mental effect on the opposing team, even if he's not really going to play much. (Yes, I know they have to release rosters, but let a man dream.)
If Watt or any retired player wants to return to activtively playing in the NFL again
then that starts the clock again for their opportunity to be voted into the HOF, right ?