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JaDeveon Clowney

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Ben DuBose ‏@BenDuBose 1m

Unless Clowney's MCL injury is a Grade 3 - which seems unlikely, since he returned to game - looks like 1-to-4 weeks


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Not if Reed and Merci play like they did today.

I saw lots of positives from the scheme today. The Texans should be OK on passrush. Run defense, though.... how many of you had JDC as a run stopper?

That's the area that concerns me most, as a Texans fan.

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Not if Reed and Merci play like they did today.

I saw lots of positives from the scheme today. The Texans should be OK on passrush. Run defense, though.... how many of you had JDC as a run stopper?

That's the area that concerns me most, as a Texans fan.
To be fair though, the Redskins are one of the better running teams in the NFL too.


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Although I understand what cutter means, I have no idea what you mean by that question.

BUT, I think the way the question is posed is funny as hell.
I'm familiar with many definitions of cutter and none apply to me.

1. Someone who cut's fabric for the garment industry.
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5. Slang word for a critic.
6. Any utensil or tool which is used to cut or divide a material.
7. A slang term for surgeon, particularly in a MASH unit.

I'm sure there are more.


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Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro

I've rewatched the injury and it looked like he could have hyper-extended his knee -- came down onto a straight leg, straight down.

Looked like a rookie before that, lol.
Definitely aggressive, but blew containment assignment a couple of times. Like you said, a rookie.


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Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter

4-6 weeks out. Not the end of the world, but what are the long term answers? I've had 4 meniscus related knee surgeries and running is out of the question.


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My 'worry' or 'concern' about Clowney is durability. I, for one, will breath a little sigh of relief if he gets through the entire game uninjured. Now, of course I will feel the same about all the players, and this preseason is not a proper sample size, but still .....

I'm not concerned at all about his motor, or if he will slack off on some plays. I think JJ will straighten him out on that. But what will make me feel a lot better is if he can be like JJ in being able to answer the bell.
Too soon for the injury prone argument?
Not in my opinion. :(


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He should be back for the Pittsburgh game by my estimation. Would loved to have seen him and watt tear up Romo and Co. Next man up.


imma stay cool and just say hey he still a rookie ill give him a pass his rookie season


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James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN
Source tells me Jadeveon Clowney's injury is a lateral meniscus injury and not a MCL injury. More to come soon. #Texans
Will Carroll @injuryexpert
Clowneys surgery scheduled for Monday. Lowe will perform. Check Mcl and meniscus. Can't tell time out until post surgery.
Dave Siebert, M.D. @DaveMSiebert
Extent of damage wouldn't become clear until inside the joint, though. So recovery time a bit unclear until after surgery.

If Jadeveon Clowney does need a knee scope, recovery will depend on amount of work done. A good rough starting point is 4-6 weeks. #Texans

Too soon for the injury prone argument?
Nope, have at it.


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Not another injury prone "freak of nature" in #90....ugh.

Over/under 6 years before he's cut and signs a huge contract with Buffalo?


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Dude already had bone spurs all last season.

A torn meniscus is a whole different animal than bone spurs
I realize this, but these concerns were already there in the off season. Most people wanted to act like it didn't exist. This guy is already out for several weeks and he barely has played a freaking down. Not to mention he already got hurt before this in pre season with a concussion. :mariopalm:


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Well, this is a little bit different than Tate for example. At least Clowney will come back later this season.


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Dude already had bone spurs all last season.

He is already looking like a problem.
He sure is. I was saying to my wife when we were watching the game that I had big concerns about him always being hurt. Sure enough. Dinged up his senior year, then a hernia surgery, then a concussion, and now this BS.

It's always something. WTF good is he if he never can answer the bell?


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More reports of a torn meniscus, out 4-6 weeks.
This is not a big deal. The injury, based on the visual evidence, is likely only a meniscus tear that can be repaired. Those injuries become problematic when there is associated cartilage damage,etc. from a more violent event. The fact that surgery is tomorrow means that there is very little swelling... Therefore, there is not internal bleeding/bruising at the sight, which means the cartilage caps didn't slam into each other. He could be back in 3-4 weeks, easily, if they want him to.

Also, these injuries are simply a reality of being a freakish athlete. He creates so much explosive movement that he will have these things. Hopefully, NFL training, nutrition, etc... will allow him to make preventative adjustments early in his career.

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Way too soon.
Not soon enough... Let's scan through the check list here.

1. Bone spurs
2. Groin injury (that requires surgery)..

That was before we even drafted him.


3. Hamstring/leg injuries
4. Concussion
5. Meniscus/knee

And I missing anything, because at this point it's becoming difficult to keep up.

I was extremely excited when we drafted the kid and we all saw the plays he's made when on the field, but now I wish we could take that pick back and I'm really starting to doubt the pick... because the guy CAN'T STAY HEALTHY. He can't make it through practice in camp, can't make it through a half of NFL football, hell he required surgery before camp even started.. and now he's hurt, because he "jumped and then landed"? :smiliepalm:

I wish for the best outcome regarding all of this, because it's all I can do, but so far when I think of Jadeveon Clowney the only thing I now think of is a player who we spent a #1 ovrl pick on that can't stay on the freaking field. Then I look over at the other side of the ball and see our QB situation. FML:mariopalm:

Oh well, get well soon.

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I was excited we took him, but wonder if we should have taken Bortles, only time will tell.


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