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If we’re below .500 by mid season, and our O-line is still terrible...


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Which way do you want me to start ?

On FA I would have signed Brown and traded Clowney to free up $$$$ for Watson's extension and gotten draft picks fpf Clowney.

Tearing it down means trading Watt/JoJo etc... Anybody not on their 1st contract for picks and doing a total rebuild, excluding Watson and Hopkins.
From today 4-9-19... no looking back


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If it really gets bad by mid-season and Gaine tries to force BOB to let the QB coach or OC call plays and lead the game planning, how would BOB react?
Our GM doesn't have any say on what the coach does. The HC works directly for the owner. The GM works directly for the owner.


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What you describe might be the Org Chart view, but what I've described is, at least in some organizations, a backroom relationship kind of thing. If the GM is on the ascendancy and the HC is on the descendancy power-wise / job-security wise (especially in the eyes of the owner, team president, etc.), the GM may be able to bring enough pressure to "strongly suggest" that the HC takes certain actions. That's the scenario I'm thinking just might be possible.
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