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I quit.


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I never got into college like I did the NFL. I root for the Badgers though.

I don't know who I am going to root for if DW4 is traded but no make no mistake about it, I will leave.

It's not solely about Watson either. It's about the gross incompetence the McNair family is showing and how they are turning this team into a religious cult. I will not sit by and spend time and money on something like this.
When did you realize this?

I've known how the McNair's operate since 2010 and tried to tell posters. This has a feel of when they traded your favorite player/players it opened your eyes?

Cant say I'm really going to miss a guy who called me a racist because I while I think DW4's a good QB, he's not an elite QB.


Guard your tongue before it digs your grave.

Thursday (2-4-21) you have your first homework assignment.

Between the hours of 5pm and 8pm you will flood the sports radio 610 air waves. You will dial 713-572-4610 and voice your complaints. You will call-hold-talk and dial again until they refuse to take calls.

You are welcome to address whatever issues about the Texans you perfer but you will signify your FUCS membership by using a number of key words....

Jim Jones
Pearl Harbor
Dumb and Dumber

You are the edge of the sword. You are the first shot fired in a rebellion. I will be listening...



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sadly im in this for life Born Houstonian so yeah I cheer the Logo no so much the players of course i have my favs and it sucks currently but heeyyy... there is no were to go but up from here ... we are already in the grave
A true fan sticks with the team thru thick and thin. He roots for the city and the logo and the players while they're here. He doesn't quit rooting for the team because xyz player got traded. If he's that kind of fan he's a fan of the players and probably the game. But not really the city or the team.


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DW4 is a paid employee, he probably making more a year than the owners. But that does not give him the right to make the decisions above the quarterback level. I am tired of all of these prima-donnas high jacking the entire team because they are not happy with their contract that they signed or the team making decisions that they don't agree with.

Watson is one of the most selfish players on this team because of this. He is more concerned about his statics than winning games. He would rather take a sack with negative yards and make his offensive line look bad, then drill the ball into the ground and make his statics look bad.

He would rather take a touchback and give up 2 points, than mess up his statics. A lot of quarterbacks never give up a touchback in their career, he gave up one in two consecutive weeks. He is looking for a homerun on every play or something to go on the highlight reel.

He is not the only selfish one on the team, JJ Watt would rather go for sacks and no end containment. Mercilus looks like he just quit the team and doing walk thru for that big ole check. A lot on defense only want to bump tackle and the running backs will go down if they are touched. Their is some major selfish players here and I do not see any team players. I am not sure who on this team is the cancer, I think it might be Watson and Easterby. Get rid of both of them.
I still stand by this post, we are still getting rid of the selfish players.