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Haven’t posted here in a long time, but...


My wife and I are headed to Houston! Well, north of Houston. I am transferring from PHL (airport in Philadelphia) to IAH. I actually start my new position on the 10th of this month.

Needless to say, I’m a fan of the Baltimore Ravens. But for the past 5 years in Philly I also pulled for the Eagles, and I will do so for the Texans. Granted, the Eagles are an NFC team so there’s zero rivalry unless they play once every four years. A little different between two AFC teams. But we aren’t division rivals, and I will ALWAYS want you to smack down Indy, so we share that lol.

I just gotta find a place to bowhunt whitetails, and where to buy live blue crabs. You boil ‘em, we steam ‘em!


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You realize Houston is 50 miles off the gulf? Don't know who regularly carries them fresh regularly. This sounds and looks like a butcher shop but they have contacts for seemingly anything and I've gotten crawfish there - Pete's Fine Meets on Richmond Ave., (713) 782-3470. They have a website. Give them a call and if they can't get them they can probably point.

As for hunting, need a lot more detail - # of days & how far can you get from Houston, bow or gun, how many people, do you want lodging and if so how nice and big one what are you looking for both in size (body & antler) and probability. I'm sure you've found licenses are cheap but make sure you have what they require.

PM me if you want to discuss more. Used to sell/guide hunts on 2100 acres. Bow hunter myself.


Welcome to Houston. The food here is unsurpassed and there are plenty of recreational activities to occupy anyone. Hope you enjoy your new job and new home, and I hope the Ravens go 2-14 for the next 10 years!