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Defense wins championships


Have a great fantasy team this year? It is time to start preparing for the playoffs and nothing is more important then team defense matchups. Figure out which weeks you have unfavorable matchups and get your replacement NOW. Look at both the team they are playing and the location of the game since playing outdoors up north in December is huge for defensive points. If you need help multiple weeks the Browns are a great option. In my cash league I went with the Bears since I have a bye locked up for week 14, and the Panthers at home versus Green Bay week 15. I am only including teams with a high probability of being available below, but today is a great day to shop after the waiver runs since many teams scrap decent defenses with bad matchups only thinking about getting into the playoffs.

Week 14:

Packers @ Browns
Browns vs Packers

Week 15:

Ravens @ Browns
Lions @ Bears
Bills vs Dolphins
Browns vs Ravens
Titans @ 49ers

Week 16:

Bears vs Browns
Browns @ Bears