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Who’s out there looking for a job?
Forget HC for a minute. Or let’s say you got the HC of your choice.

Do you think he’d be opposed to bringing in Matt Patricia, Van Joseph, Darrell Bevell, Dirk Kotter?

Bunch of folks out there looking for jobs, in your opinion, who are the cream of the crop?


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All of this depends on who they bring in as HC.

Are they going to run a Spread offense or a WCO?

Defense are they going to run a 3-4 or a 4-3? A Gregg Williams aggressive type defense or a RAC type defense?

Normally I would have put out a mock by now. But it's impossible until you know the new HC's philosophy.


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Many Bears fans that are friends of mine are still p!ssed that Nagy went conservative in the Parkey Donk playoff game.
Never quite understood how coaches could change their entire offensive approach after making the playoffs on the offense that got them there. Schottenheimer lost jobs b/c of this and never stopped doing it until no other team was willing to hire him. It was agonizing watching him hit the conservative emergency brakes on his offense once they started playoffs.