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Colts v Texans


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Thursday night will be the defining moment for the Texans 2019 season.
If the Texans have any designs on the postseason, then this is about as must win as you can get.
Colts are 3-0 but will all but guarantee the division with a victory at NRG.
Colts already have the first victory over us and will have two more games against the Titans so one can safely assume they will take one of those.
A loss will mean Texans fall to 2-2 in the division and even if they move to 4-2, Colts will win the division with two wins over us.
Another consideration, if Texans cannot win this one at home, then the chances of achieving greatness the rest of the season would seem remote.


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If Watson will take what the defense is giving him, the Texans have a chance. If he swings for the fences on every down, like he did in Baltimore, the Colts will embarrass Texans.
Long, sustained drives (keeping TY Hilton off the field) is the order of the day. I would play cover 2 and let Hilton get his yards but keep him out of the end zone.


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It feels more like the Texans didn't lose as opposed to it being a win. A healthy TY Hilton and the outcome is likely different. This team is going to be just good enough to lose another home wild card game.