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CFL All-Star RB Stanback Works Out for Texans


Tweak the offense already!
I wonder if he realizes that Texan running-backs are required to run up Martin's ass 15 times a game. I think it is standard language in all O'brien RB contracts.

Rumor has it that Hyde told O'Brien he is tired of the up-the-Martin crap and wants to run outside the tackle a few times each game. O'Brien got so mad he is gonna cut him, hence the need to look at other RBs.


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grasping @ straws. Backs are beat-up and this is best they can do? Wish him the best but a very long shot.


Weirdo Mode Engaged
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This is a brilliant move by the Texans and YES, OB as well, but ONLY if he is from the French part of Canada.

Everyone knows, NOBODY runs away from opposition better than the French.