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Bullpen 60% season tickets. 116 K


My wife and I go to 4 games a year. You would get both preseason games and 4 of the regular season games. As far as the regular season games, I pick 1st, you 2nd, me 3rd, you 4th, etc.... until all 8 games are taken. The tickets (2 side by side near the aisle) are located in Section 116 Row K (10 rows from the field). The price for your tickets for the 6 games would be $1900. A parking pass in the orange lot can be added for your 6 games for $300. In summary, 6 games, 12 tickets in the bullpen, $1900, $2200 with orange lot parking pass. I have had the tickets since day one. Jay 713-582-7991, call or text, you don't have to pay until the tickets arrive in the second or third week of July.
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