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Anyone know anyone in the organization (kids stuck in waco)


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I know that there are plenty of people here who know someone in the Texans organization and mods, if you wouldn't mind letting this float for just a couple of days. The school my brother teaches at houses a lot of the kids that attend it and provides them with additional support they might not get elsewhere. Their building was flooded so 80 or so of them are going to be moved to Waco for several weeks and I just saw the Texans game was moved up to Dallas. I know its not the most important thing right now, but it would be really cool if someone were able to contact the school (Devereaux) and find a way to get the kids to the game. I mean its a preseason game that nobody knew would be up here until a few hours ago so there should be plenty of tickets. For these kids it would be a welcome distraction.

I have no affiliation with the school other than my brother teaching there. If someone does see this or wants to know how to get in touch with the school (they are literally on a bus to Waco) drop me a pm and I'll give you my brother's number or get you an address they can be reached. I just thought it would be a cool story for the kids "See kids, you aren't the only people who were displaced!" and a great surprise.

If you have to move it mods, I understand.