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An Ode to Bill O'Brien


Bill O'Brien is to GMs what Bill O'Brien is to HCs
I read this on air at 610 AM

He does not care if you are no good or no longer great

What matters most to Obrien is "are you available for practice relative to being a good teammate?"

Building a team with players that are Strong, Tough and Dependable

Therefore unproductive scrubs like Clowney and Hopkins became expendable

He perplexes the opposition with an offensive scheme as complex as a riddle

Confounding the defense with an unexpected first down run up the middle

When he looks in the mirror he sees a failure and sucker

Screaming at the top of his lungs "you suck too mother****er!!"

If we continue down the road to ruin the fans will revolt-a

Cal McNair must grow a pair and fire Fat Travolta

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One handed player would rather be on a practice squad somewhere else than come to Houston to be on the active roster. You can’t make this sh1t up! LMAO
Houston was one of a few teams to inquire about him in free agency. And his twin brother is also a Seahawk, which he's on record stating the importance of, and Seattle and Pete Carroll are the team that took a chance on him to start his oddly punchline worthy one-handed career to begin with..


Go Texans 4-3...Post OB!!!!!
Based on the way the Texans LB'ers have been playing.....getting a one-legged LB here for a tryout wouldn't be that bad of an idea. I'm telling ya....players are putting the word out, don't come to Houston b/c we're tossing in the towel on this joke of a GM, HC and baby Momma Hater.


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Scapegoat number what now?
Anyone claiming to have the answer to this is a liar.

A group of scientists and mathematicians equipped with the fastest supercomputers are still trying to figure out this number.

Its more ellusive than the ever so mind bending age old question. "How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a Tootsie Pop?"

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You know, you could be right. The only money I've ever spent on the Texans is for a few hats and t-shirts. Maybe I should've got a genuine Texan letter jacket.
It's not really money spent, but time and emotional investment spent..

So glad I decided to cut that drastically.. I'll still drop in to chat with y'all though.

Hopefully this is their rock bottom and there's sunnier days ahead, but knowing this franchise, they'll just stubbornly dig themselves deeper into ineptitude and embarrassing foolery.