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Amputated arm of DT Kendrick Norton


Miami Dolphins DT Kendrick Norton loses arm in horrific car crash!!

Could we trade DJ Reader to the Miami Dolphins?

Why should we
Why shouldn't we?

What is DJ Reader "WORTH" in a trade?

I've heard 3rd rounder... what do you guys think?


Oh well, anywayz...

"Norton, who played collegiate football at the University of Miami, was originally selected in the seventh round of the 2018 NFL Draft by the Carolina Panthers. He spent most of the year on the Panthers’ practice squad before being signed to the Dolphins roster late in the season. He was likely a depth option on the defensive line this season for Miami."


I didn't post this to talk about an NFL story... I posted it to talk about our DT position and have a general conversation about that Positions overall grade, to get trade ideas...ect.


Easterby = Little Finger/Cal = Fredo Corleone
If this had happened to Ritchie Incognito or Greg Hardy or some other POS I'd entertain the threat but...…….