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2022 OTA’s Mini Camp And Pre Season


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Again, thank you for giving us the boost that it's more than just a dream that for the first time in a long time, ownership, coaches and players are all coming together with the ultimate goal of developing a winning team. While the rest of the NFL world are in lockstep predicting the same old same old from the Texans,
NFL futures, odds: Houston Texans are favorites to be the worst team in football
Pete Truszkowski

Thu, July 28, 2022 at 12:47 PM·7 min read
the Texans and most of us are opening ourselves to the coming of much better things.

TC, don't be a stranger! Your sunshine is better medicine than I can supply.
Ha, they weren't even the worst last year. The only constant in football is analysts not caring enough about the Texans to do due diligence.


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OK I like that philosophy and I dunno do we still retain the 2022 Draft order for the waiver wire, i.e. , we are #3 ?
Waiver order remains the same until after the 3rd or 4th game (don’t remember which), then it goes to current season record.


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Most of the WRs on the Texans are vets. And most of these vets have never been very good. I don't need to see Conley and Dorsett in this offense, because they've never done anything special in any offense at any point in their 6 year careers. And what are the Texans going to find in the vet WR marketplace? Guys like Conley and Dorsett whom have never been good, or guys that were once good and no longer are.

What the Texans should look for are young receivers that get squeezed out in the numbers game. It takes time for WRs to get to speed in the NFL and some teams can't afford to be patient. The Texans can afford to be patient.
Not the good ones. I mean, sometime the late bloomer, late round guy. I don't see why they just don't sign WFV. I mean, they like injured guys anyway and he has something nobody on the team has.


Texans worthy
They were close to being the worst. Did you insult someone that had the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl last year, saying they didn't do their "due diligence"?
Huh? This isn't throwing darts at Super Bowl predictions. These guys somehow concluded that a team that added a better coach, better prospects, improved the line, and the QB learning the playbook is racing to the bottom. Lazy. Do you think that looks like a team going backwards?


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So if Stingley & Pitre are getting a bunch of INTs during practice, is it because they're so good, or that Mills is so bad?

If Stingley & Pitre aren't getting a bunch of INTs during practice, is it because Mills is so good, or they're so bad?


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These guys somehow concluded that a team that added a better coach, better prospects, improved the line, and the QB learning the playbook is racing to the bottom. Lazy. Do you think that looks like a team going backwards?
To quote Nick Caserio, it's not about the record. It's about the process. Going from the 3rd worst team to the worst team would not be going backwards. Just like going from the 3rd worst team to the 5th worst team would not indicate progress. This is a rebuilding team in talent acquisition and development mode. If you're bogged down in wins or losses, you're setting yourself up for disappointment.


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So the Texans have no scrimmages against anyone again this year? That means our 1's, who are likey to see very little PS game action because that's just how it is these days, will only have those limited reps against other teams 1's? Kinda hard to evaluate where you are if you're just going up against your own.

Like TK said, our secondary getting picks off our QB, or the DBs not getting picks....kinda bittersweet either way, right?


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They have Cooks. They can learn from him for the next 3 years.
They play different positions and Metchie is the future at this spot.

Add a vet like Beasley to give Mills his best chance to succeed. The already have Davis filling the young small school guy that you want. How many of these guys do you want and at what point will it start to affect Mills performance?


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Texans QB Davis Mills showing teammates this is his team
It seems as though the quarterback has found his voice as he enters his second season in Houston
Matt Young, Chron
July 29, 2022

As the Texans work through the rebuilding process, they have plenty of key pieces they need to add, but none is more important than making sure they have a franchise quarterback. Davis Mills, who started 11 games as a rookie last season after the Texans drafted him in the third round, is a long way from proving he's on that level at the position, but he's at least acting like it, and his coaches and teammates have taken notice.

After the first day of Texans training camp Friday, several players mentioned how much they've seen their 23-year-old signal-caller emerge as a leader since last year.

"It's the quarterback's team," receiver Brandin Cooks said. "That's what you want to see, to be able to take that command and those demands and be able to take it in the room with him."
Head coach Lovie Smith said players and coaches will be voting on a team captain of the offense, defense and special teams before the regular season, but he said Mills already has his vote on offense.

"I am excited about what Davis Mills is going to do for us," Smith said. "He has taken that role: 'I'm the leader of the football team, follow me.' All the things (offensive coordinator) Pep Hamilton and the rest of our offensive staff would like to do, we feel like he can lead us down that path."

Mills showed some of that leadership in the offseason when he had throwing sessions with teammates in Atlanta and Oregon.

"It's been awesome. We had the guys, including Davis out in Oregon just a week before camp and it was great to see," Cooks said. "He came out, to be able to lead, to be able to be organized the way that he was and when we get out here, he's a lot more vocal in the meeting rooms than he was the rookie year and that's what you want to see from your quarterback. It's your team and we love to see that command he's taken."

Mills had a surprisingly solid rookie season, but he was inconsistent. However, he showed flashes of what he could do late in the season, leading the Texans to an upset win over the Chargers in which he was 21-for-27 for 254 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions, and finishing the season with this fourth 300-plus yard performance in a loss to the Titans in which he threw three touchdowns with no picks.
It's those flashes, combined with an air of confidence that has even made his teammates on the defensive side of the ball take notice.


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