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2020 Texans Schedule

Brutal. Going to have to be very successful on the road and win most of the 50-50 type home games. Wish we had a first round pick just because of how many high quality QBs the Texans will be facing that makes for a much lower margin for error.


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So who wants to predict 9-7 again? OB's pretty good at doing just enough to get into the playoffs.

Here's my prediction. We'll all be back here next December saying the same crap we are now, while getting the same ole results we're getting right now.
We can only hope OB comes to his senses and hires an OC.


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That's a pretty tough schedule. Without draft picks we can't stay on top of year-to-year attrition. Tentative outlook 7-9.


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I am overly optimistic for some reason. I see 12 and 4 based upon what I know. I see KC as a possible loss away and at home Packers, Pats and Ravens.


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My son and I will be making the trip from Ohio again to watch the Texans / Bengals game.
That's one rookie QB the Texans will be facing in 2020.
Can't wait as we had an absolute blast the last time we were down there for a game !!!

My son still reminds me of the crackhead that lost his pants while slamming face first into a pole.
I simply looked at him and said, "That's why you don't do drugs" !!!
Also keep in mind that teams that are really tough this year may not be so much next year. Look at the Rams and Eagles, tough to beat last year, easy wins this year. Of course it has the reverse as well, don't think anyone saw the Ravens or 49ers looking like the teams they do this year. So yeah judging by the current rosters it looks tough but who knows what those teams will look like. This is particularly true for the two SB teams because scrub teams will throw stupid money at those players coming on F/A just because they were on a SB team.


That’s spot on. When I saw the Ravens schedule for this year and saw Chiefs, Rams, Seahawks and Patriots (followed by the 49ers playing lights out to start the season), I thought “Wow. That’s a mofo of a schedule right there.” Didn’t turn out like I thought it would. It’s really hard to take this year’s play and equate it to next year. A lot can happen in that time.
The Texans are 10-5 and shooting for an 11-5 season with the AFCS title. Many teams would kill for that right now. And I think they will be playing in the Divisional round when all is said and done.