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1st Texans Game


Practice Squad
Me and 3 buddies from KC are on a quest to see every NFL stadium. For year 4 we have landed on Houston and hope to get the best Texans Game Day Experience we can get.

We will be going to the Texans vs Cowboys Sunday Night game on October 7th.

We'll even provide some KC Beer if you let us crash your tailgate!

(None of us are Cowboys fans, don't worry)


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You couldn't have picked a worse game to come to for a "game day" experience. Cowboys fans are the reason the stadium changed the tailgating rules back in the day. The are an obnoxious sort and top it off with being tanked, not a good mix. Especially with drunk Texans fans.

The tailgating is awesome though. Lots of folks will welcome you to their tailgate. Just offer up some donation and or beer and you'll be good to go. Stay away from drunk obnoxious Cowboys fan


Staff member
How much does this cost or how do I officially get in?
You can access all the lots on foot 3.5 hours prior to gametime, as long as you have your ticket. (just called the Texans to confirm) There are certain specific access points that they will direct you to.

So, around 3:30-4:00pm on Sunday night. I'm staying home with the family for this one, or I'd come and walk you over myself.


Practice Squad
Well we're gonna try and do it! I'll be reppin an American flag shirt cause that was the closest thing I had to Texans colors. Excited to see what a Texan gameday is all about!