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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by AlbinoRat, Feb 13, 2006.

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    Assuming either of these guys are available, would you be opposed to getting:

    Tamba Hali DE, from Penn State or Ernie Sims OLB, from Florida State

    both are highly athletic, I remember earlier in the year against Miami, Sims picked off a pass one handed thrown behind him...a truly athletic play. Sims also reminds me of Ray Lewis in that he is a ferocious hitter.

    Tamba Hali is a solid pass rusher who plays hard on every play.
  2. powerfuldragon

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    your lady's sexdreams.
    I like Sims, but i don't know enough about Hali to say anything about him.
  3. MorKnolle

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    Assuming they're available how far down in the draft? If we go Bush/Vince/D'Brick in the 1st round I'd be open to Hali in the 2nd, and I doubt he gets any lower than that. I would definitely say Mario Williams is my top DE, then Mathias Kiwanuka, then maybe Hali after that, so if he's there at #33 I'd be fine with us getting him, although if Eric Winston is also there I would probably prefer Winston (unless we get D'Brick int he 1st). Ernie Sims I'm not real fond of, he's a good athlete but he's also small for a LB in the NFL, and if we're going to get a LB I think we should look at MLBs first, and Sims isn't a MLB. If Sims somehow falls to the 4th I'd definitely consider him, but he won't last that long. I don't think we should get a LB as high as we would need to draft Sims.
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    Hali has been projected to go in the first round of most mocks - between 8-23.
    Sims - I don't recall seeing him projected in many mocks (but GBN does have him at 23 in its last one).

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