Your Take on John Benton?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by barrett, Aug 3, 2007.

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    Did anyone else get the impression that John Benton is a bit of a boob? I watched the video clip from and the things that stood out to me were that both Pitts and Salaam said that he spent most of his time with the younger players. (and I got the impression that they were suggesting that they had been somewhat left to their own devices.) I am not of the opinion that the OL has been the majority of the problem in regards to sack numbers BUT I do think that they have probably developed some bad habits with all the coaching changes and Carr-isms that they've had to deal with over the years. Pitts said something to the effect of "you know, if your technique isn't that good but you are working hard and being physical he's (Benton) the first to pat you on the back and say nice job."

    Shouldnt he STILL be demanding better technique from these professional football players?

    Perhaps this is a sign that our OL is actually quite good (despite the high sack numbers) and doesn't require that much work. I'm trying to spin my own opinion into a more positive light.

    Anyway, what are your thoughts?
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    He's mentioned at the end of this article too.

    Benton is the anti-Sherman, at least in terms of how demonstrative (or not) he is while coaching in the break outs. He's very quiet. Never really yells. Never animated. He talks more often to the player than the group. Not that any of that's bad - just very different from how Sherman handled them last year. Benton's assistant Frank Pollock is in his first year as an NFL coach and he does a very good job of holding tackling dummies from what I've seen ...

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