Yeah, but how does he REALLY feel...

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    Thought this was funny....

    Nick Hardwick was furious, and the Chargers center's words will likely do as much to stoke the burgeoning rivalry between the Chargers and Patriots as any hard-fought AFC title game. "Richard Seymour is the biggest (expletive) I've ever come across in football," Hardwick said. "They've got 10 good football players on that team. Richard Seymour is a dirty, cheap little pompous (expletive)." Seymour, a Pro Bowl defensive end, at one point knocked quarterback Philip Rivers down at the tail end of a play but did not draw a foul. And Hardwick said Seymour did plenty of other extracurricular things that should have been flagged. "He's cheap and dirty, and the head man just let him get away with it the whole time," Hardwick said. "They've got 10 great players, and when Jarvis Green is on the field they have 11 great players that compete how you're supposed to compete. But that Richard Seymour is the biggest (expletive) I've ever played. "Head-slapping, foot-stomping in the pile, running by and throwing punches in your back late. He's a (expletive)."
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    Phillip Rivers is a ***** too. What goes around comes around...
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    A Colts fan or something?

    I mean sure he does seem to have the angry school boy look, but I like his passion. And the fact that he played yesterday proves his toughness. Now whether or not he should have started is an entirely different story.

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