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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by ziggy29, Sep 19, 2010.

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    Did the Texans really win that one after looking horrible on defense when they were down 27-10? Did Matty really throw for almost 500 yards?

    I am still hesitant about fully drinking the Kool-Aid and saying they're for real this time (having been burned too many times before), but I'm getting closer. I was as much "here we go again" as anyone during the game, when the Texans were doing what we were so used to -- looking flat and weak the week after a "signature" win. And during the worst of the game I admit to being rather negative and wondering if anything has changed, that maybe these are the same old Houston Texans.

    But wow. I don't think Texans teams in years past could have come back from a late 3rd quarter 27-10 deficit against pretty much anyone. But whether a gritty offense, a resurgent defense rising to the occasion or special teams that block field goals (which obviously turned out to be a *huge* play even though it looked like the Skins were going for icing on the cake at the time), I'm seeing something new here, something which I saw signs of last year but may be more ingrained now: a culture of winning, a winner's attitude. A feeling that instead of the usual "new ways to lose" that plagued Texans football in years past, this is a team which is finding ways to WIN.

    You know what I love? When the commentators mentioned how much they hated that "last millisecond" timeout before a potential game winning FG (which I hate too -- I'd like to see a rule change to address it), I noted that this tactic was popularized by none other than Mike Shanahan, when he was coaching at Denver. And the tactic he used, which several other coaches started using afterward, blew up in his face and cost him a win. Strong work, Mike!
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    Holy crap. I had forgotten about that but you are quite right.

    Another irony in this game.

    The first irony was that Kubiak declined to have his kicker attempt a FG from exactly the spot where Shanny's kicker missed.

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