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Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by awtysst, Nov 13, 2009.

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    This may be the WORST mock i have ever seen for the Texans.

    1. Brandon LaFell, WR, LSU
    Their take
    The Texans have been pretty good so far this yearÂ…especially Andre Johnson. However, I think if they add another top WR they could have an elite receiving core making them an elite offense. Look for Lafell to be a top 25 pick as he is in the top 20 in this 2010 NFL Mock Draft.

    Who was still available:Joe Haden-CB (Florida), Arthur Jones DT (Syracuse), Terrence Cody- DT (Alabama.

    Awtysst's take
    Horrible choice for Htown. While LaFell might be a solid receiver, we do not need a receiver. In my mind the pick is Joe Haden, but a case could be made for Jones or Cody.

    2. Sean Lee, ILB, PSU
    Their take
    The Texans help build an already solid Defense. Lee is a beast in the middle who could potentially be a first rounder but I have him slipping into the second round here in this 2010 NFL mock Draft.

    Awtysst's take
    While the first choice was horrible, this is even worse. Lee is a ILB coming off knee surgery. I guess the person who put this mock together has never heard of DEMECO RYANS!

    3. Patrick Robinson,CB, Florida State
    Awtysst's take
    On the positive side, they finally get a position that needs upgrade. On the negative they choose the wrong guy. Robinson was part of the cheating scandal at FSU and is considered a low/red flag character guy. That automatically takes him off the Texans big board. There are better players available here.

    4. Perry Riley, LB, LSU
    Awtysst's take
    And this is the pick that makes this the WORST MOCK EVER. Just look at this pick. Apparently this mocker believes our LB corp is so bad that they used 2/4 picks on that position. Silly me, because I thought that LB was a deep position on this team, but I guess i must be mistaken.

    For the record, I am not exactly sure what Riley would do. He is listed as a Buck, Will, Mike, and Sam. Given this mockers previous knowledge of the team, they probably thought that we needed help at Sam. Guess they have never heard of BRIAN CUSHING!

    This is a bad mock because it shows the person who did it does not know anything about Houston. In 4 picks they essentially addressed a need only once, with a 3rd rounder.

  2. painekiller

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    On the West Belt
    I'll Cherry pick with you:
    17 Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Missouri
    PKs reason: Weatherspoon upgrades the WILL, then we truly have an elite LB group of Cushing, Ryans, Weatherspoon, backed up by Diles, Brantley and Adibi

    49 Morgan Burnett, S, GT 14 INT for his career. A solid 2nd rounder

    80 Sergio Render, G, Virginia Tech 6-3 319 Would be a nice addition to the OL.

    112 Javarris James, RB, Miami Short yardage guy with a nice family tree.

    I have as hard time passing on Spikes in the 1st but his issues make him a hot potato, and an unlikely Texans pick.
  3. kastofsna

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    most teams don't draft for immediate needs.

    anyway, this is the worst mock i've seen in a long time:


    they have the Bucs and Lions drafting quarterbacks a year after taking one in the first round. and Miami drafting Tim Tebow. oh, and every other awful pick, too
  4. Wolf6151

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    Pearland, Texas

    This one is actually not to bad. Weatherspoon would be a massive upgrade from Diles, Burnett in the 2nd round would be a steal, and Render in the 3rd would be a good choice since we need interior O-line help, and a RB in the 4th is about right.

    The other mocks are terrible. Most of these mocks are done by so called experts who don't pay attention to teams like the Texans and thus don't know our needs, their just plugging in players.
  5. badboy

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    I found that mock a few days ago and after reading WR in 1st, I immediately moved out of the Twilight Zone into sanity.

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