Worst Football EVER!!

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Bobo, Sep 10, 2006.

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    I have been a season ticketholder for five years and never, EVER, have I seen a team so ill-prepared for a game at Reliant Stadium than the Texans were vs. the Eagles. The Eagles cut through the Texans like a hot knife through butter with the same thing they have been doing for five years now and Kubiak's team seemed absolutely defenseless to stop them. Carr at times looked completely lost (fell down over Flanagan's feet and then threw the worst pass I ever saw anyone throw) and I'm not going to even mention the running game -- rather the lack thereof -- as well as the lack of pass protection and too many sacks. Sounds like deja vu to me -- and it looked eerily familiar when the stadium began to empty with more than eight minutes left. And Kubiak's ridiculous, "Well, we're a young team and we'll get better" post-game comment really riled me since this is what we've been hearing for the past five years now. Somebody tell Kubiak that may have worked when Capers was around, but that excuse no longer holds water. Capers got fired because folks realized this team wasn't "young" anymore and they were expecting it to get somewhere. So why does Kubiak think he can get away with that pitiful excuse? Besides, Kubiak should realize that Capers started with absolutely nothing and left him some good players in Carr and AJ. It isn't an expansion team anymore, Gary Boy! Last year, the Texans lost their first two games to Buffalo on the road and to Pittsburgh at home. His job was endangered after that. Now Kubiak is headed in that direction. Why should Kubiak get a free pass? If he doesn't get heat, then Capers is due a thousand apologies. And don't give me this garbage about how good Philly is. Philly finished in dead last in 2005 in their division -- injuries or no. And to top this mess off, near the end of the game, Westbrook (who has two injured legs) actually broke a tackle and went for several more additional yards. It was obvious that the guy who blew that tackle just plain quit. Already, the team has begun to quit on Kubiak! Unbelieveable! This team is more of the same. I'd rather have Capers back. At least he showed signs of success during his tenure.

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