Wonder how long this will last?

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    No more VIP Suite so back to the recliner
    NFL given OK to shut counterfeit sales websites

    NEW YORK (AP) — The NFL won a court order Wednesday to shut down the operators of nearly 1,500 China-based websites accused of selling fake NFL merchandise, continuing the league's effort to counter booming counterfeit sales of its popular player jerseys and other merchandise.

    In a lawsuit, the NFL accused the website operators of being part of a single network of counterfeiters who sell fake jerseys, headwear and other merchandise bearing the trademarks of the league or its 32 teams.

    Rest of the story here.

    I know many of us have purchased these before and I can honestly say I can't tell the difference save the fact I paid $28 for my jerseys VS $250ish that the GFL wants. (Greedy Football League)

    I just wonder how successful the league can or will be. Seems to me like they're signing on for one never ending game of whack-a-mole.
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    OK whos ready to place another order? Gotta get my Reed before they get shutdown.

    Also I dont feel so bad when my mustard and beer stains are all over those white numbers. Just hang it in the garage and order up a new one.

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