Wolf6151 final preseason mock for 2013.

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    I made my picks based on rankings from CBS and Walterfootball, it's by no means a final mock. I think several of these guys will move higher than their current ranking.

    1. Terrance Williams-WR from Baylor. His productivty might fall this year because RGIII is gone but Terrance has the size, speed, and college productivity I'm looking for. Jean and Martin have been playing well but Walter might be gone next year and I think we'll need more upper level talent at WR. He's currently listed as a late 1st or early 2nd round pick.

    2. Sylvester Williams-DT/NT from UNC. 6'03 and 320 lbs. Great size, and good agility for such a big man. He should fit well in Wade's system rotating at NT with Mitchell. I think Cody is gone next off season.

    3. Alvin Bailey-OG/OT from Arkansas. I think Brooks starts next year and that most likely Caldwell is gone so we'll need some quality depth. Alvin brings that and could then start in place of W. Smith in 2014.

    3b. Oday Aboushi-OT from Virginia. Butler will be gone and with Newton the new starter at RT we'll need a new swing OT. Oday could also push Newton for playing time. This pick might take some luck, he's currently ranked in the 3rd but I think he moves up in rankings to at least the 2nd round.

    4. Kyle Fuller-CB from Va. Tech. If Harris becomes the new nickle we may lose McCain to FA because even mediocre CB's are expensive. Fuller has great size and speed for the position and we'll need some new depth.

    5. Prentiss Waggner-FS/CB from Tennessee. I like CB experience in a Safety, just like we've got with Quin who we may lose to FA. Hopefully we re-sign Quin. Prentiss should be Safety competition and has the size, 6'02", to better matchup with TE's that kill us over the middle.

    5b. Blaze Foltz-OG from TCU. I've got to give credit to BB on this find. Blaze is added OG depth since S. Smith hasn't developed and actually has looked bad this preseason.

    6. Bruce Taylor-ILB from Va. Tech. Bruce has the size and athleticism that's tailor made for ILB but he got a Lisfranc injury, just like Schaub's, that kept him out of half of last season and all of spring practice/games. Without the injury this guy goes much higher in the draft but taking a 6th round risk on a guy with tremendous potential is worth it. Low risk, high reward potential if he comes back from the injury well.

    7. Zach Boren-FB from Ohio St. Great size for the position, plays in a tough conference and can actually catch the ball as well. He's supposedly going to be used more at RB this year but I'd bulk him up for the full time FB position. It's time we get someone to hold down this spot for years to come.
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    1) I dont know what it is, but I am just not sold on T. Williams either. I think his stats were inflated due to playing in that offense, with RG3 at QB and Wright also at WR. That said, he does have the right size/speed ratio to be successful in the NFL. I would not hate the pick, but I would not be jumping up and down about it.

    2) This Williams, on the other hand, I am a huge fan of. Granted, he has not put it all together on the field, but men of his size are not supposed to move that well. Cody could very well be a salary cap casualty, so it is a good idea to pick up his replacement. The only thing I worry about here (and the reason I did not grab him in my mock) is that he may not be here. Big, athletic NTs tend to be taken higher than they should be in April.

    3) I know nothing about Bailey, but I will keep an eye open.

    3) I like Aboushi. Athletic, long, smart. I think he is more of a LT than a RT, as he is not quite the dominate run blocker that the RT position demands. I like the pick though. Getting into the 3rd round, no pick is perfect.

    4) I dont know anything about Fuller, but like with Bailey, I will keep an eye out. I do wonder if CB is a need. We will see during the year.

    5) Wagner is a good pick here.

    5) Like I said earlier, I dont know anything about Foltz. But, again, I will jot down a note to watch him.

    6) If Taylor is available this late, I will be astonished if we dont pick him. He has the athleticism and smarts to be truly great at ILB. This is a very strong draft for ILBs, especially if some juniors come out. Grabbing one that has higher round talent that drops due to strength at the position is a good idea, and smart asset management.

    7) I was really high on Boren before I heard what Meyer wanted for him. Sure he will see that ball more, but I think Boren's future in the NFL is in the mold of Leach, not as a HB. Losing 10-15 is not going to help his draft stock. That said, if he can re-gain the weight, then I love the idea. A blocking FB is a need for this offense, and in every draft there are very few FBs that fit that bill. Off the top of my head, seniors only, only Boren (if he regains the weight), Dan Paul (huge fan of Paul), Taimi Tutogi (needs to work on blocking, but the ability/size is there), and Kierro Small are in that mold.

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