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Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by Wolf6151, Nov 19, 2010.

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    I think we pick in the 12-14 range.

    1. Brandon Harris-CB, I'd prefer Prince Amukamara-CB but he'll be gone by this time. Harris will be a very good/great cover corner in the NFL provided we get some new coaches.

    2. Lawrence Guy-DT, If Stephen Paea falls he's the pick but that's doubtful. I originally had Sione Fua here but think Okoye is a bust and a replacement is needed. Guy has great strength, speed, and size and is very good in pass rush.

    3. Jaiquawn Jarrett-FS, This might take a little luck but it seems alot of FS's are falling on draft boards. I'm not sure if he's the permanent answer at FS but he's at least an upgrade over Wilson and Nolan and has good size and reportedly great instincts. Maybe a future ballhawk.

    4. Jarvis Jenkins-DT great size, speed, and athleticism. DT is one of our biggest weaknesses so it gets a double dip pick. He can't help but upgrade our depth.

    5. Michael Morgan-OLB, he's a little light but at 6'04" adding a few pounds should be easy and he's got great speed. Diles isn't very good, Morgan is instant WLB improvement.

    6. Tejay Johnson-SS, he's got good size, decent speed, and good college production and Domonique Barber sucks, improves our secondary depth.

    7. Byron Maxwell-CB, like DT, CB is one of our biggest weaknesses so it gets a double dip pick. Moves Molden off the team.


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