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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by jr0ck, Apr 21, 2005.

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    the excitement building, and my creative juices flowing i am following up my "South Carolina Connection" idea with one that could have huge implications on our LB core in the 2005/06 season...although i like the unique fit of thomas davis at ILB in our 3-4, drafting 'terp tweener shawne merriman could yield similair results, but in much different fashion. here we go:

    1. with the 13th selection blah blah...the houston texans select shanwne merriman, OLB maryland blah blah...*followed by many cheers :woot *

    2. merriman shows even more progress than babin in the pre-season games, and eventually sits atop the depth chart at ROLB by the time game one rolls around.

    3. the starting day order looks like this from right to left: merriman, wong, greenwood, babin. nothing surprising...yet.

    4. in a surprise event that isn't fully digested until the end of the game, wong takes a breather on the first 3rd and passing down and is relieved by...ANTWAN PEEK!! he is shifted inside in an understudy roll under wong this year, and is poised to take over whenever wong leaves/retires/whatever.

    think about it, merriman fits the OLB in a 3-4 to a 'T', has experiance in pass coverage as an OLB in college in a 3-4 and is a wood laying lumberjack! peek is alot more similair to greenwood than babin size wise, his speed would alow ALOT more flexibilty in the middle blitzing and it fills in the questions surrounding wongs eventual step down. peek would seem to have the advantage on starting sooner than thomas davis at the switch to ILB (with his NFL experiance in mind and familiarity with our system), and it would put antwan in place to be our fiery leader on the 'D' by taking the field general role of MLB! i know, i know...ALOT of what-if's and optimisim (probably to much :rolleyes: :cool: ) but it just makes me smile from ear to thinking about it...all that speed and youth :woot !!
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    Damn I like your thinking on this one. I would be very skeptical of it since it seems the reason peek does not play has to do with his awareness and not ability. I would end up moving Greenwood to the Buc and Peek to the Mac. That would mean that Greenwood would be calling our defense and Peek would be the fire ILB. That would let him be a leader more by example. I think it would be interesting and if it happens should be looked at in Pre-season and training camp.
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    I kinda like the idea, but I'm not sure Peek has the run stuffing ability to be a successful ILB...It could just be that he overpersues and if the RB is coming straight at him, he will be effective, but I'm not sure...If we get a tweener in the first, there's probably going to be an "open tryout" for our 2 remaining ILB positions...

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