Winston or Colledge?

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    I've noticed that there are some fans stating that they would like us to have Winston if we can't work something out on draft day to pick up Ferguson. In my opionion Winston is overated and after seeing Colledge play in the Senior Bowl I think he would be a much better pick for LT. He handled himself very well in that game and looked very good in the pasing game. Plus he has that mean streak in him from watching him you can recongnize immediately. From all reports Winston's stock is falling but we will learn moer from the combine after he has a fairer evaluation. Below are just a few Pros and Cons about each player that has been scouted.


    Scouting Report by Teamryco Email him...
    Pros: The guy has good feet and a strong inside technique. He has played top competition and done well. He has shown good work ethic and strong desire to play after his injury.
    Cons: He gets beat on a regular basis on the outside. While he has good feet, he gets overpowered on his 2nd or 3rd step outside. He could get exposed in the NFL if he doesn't correct this fatal LT flaw. He needs to make better use of his long arms.
    Overall: Vastly overrated right now. He has a good work ethic and desire but should not be a first round pick and will need some serious coaching to be an impact NFL player.
    Scouting Report by Brad Price Email him...
    Pros: Great size, athletic, quick thanks to his tight end days, good feet, very physical, smart, potential like no other.
    Cons: Major knee injury as a junior, has trouble with fast defensive ends, still hasn't completely mastered the tackle postion.


    Scouting Report by Entropy Email him...
    Pros: 4 year starter. Good strength, nice athleticism. Durable. Hard worker. Mean streak. Sound pass blocker.
    Cons: Questionable competition. Would be nice if he bulked up some. Played in pass happy offense so not much experience drive blocking.
    Overall: A great project player who has all the intangibles, but probably needs some time to become a better run blocker, and to hit the NFL weight room.
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    I'd go for Colledge if I had the choice, Winston has that injury concern. I'm not a big fan of LT prospects coming off injuries (gee, why does that sound familiar to Texan fans ...).

    Basically, I'd take Colledge with #33. If I didn't get a LT prospect, I'd be willing to grab Winston with #65 or #66.
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    Even though he is coming off an injury, I think that Winston is more athletic and if we had to put himk a LT would be the better choice. Colledge reminds me of Gross, a good college LT that only projects to an NFL RT.
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    OR LG
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    You have that backwards with your picks. Winston will be lucky to get out of the 1st round and be available at #33 while Colledge has a shot at being available at #65. Colledge reminds me a lot of Chester Pitts but not as good of a run blocker, maybe a little better of a pass blocker. He looks like the OG/RT mix but would be serviceable as a LT but probably better suited as a RT. He would be a solid player but I think his potential ceiling is lower than Winston. Winston looks more like a big-time LT candidate. He is still recovering from his knee surgery but I think by the start of the NFL season he should be almost back to 100% health and if not 100% by then he should be soon. Winston was regarded as the best OLineman in college football before that injury, so he has proven himself in the past, and as the scouting report said he has played against top competition and done very well (was voted ACC OLineman of the Year this year over D'Brickashaw Ferguson). He is also very smart for an OLineman and has a very high football IQ. I think right now Colledge is the better pass blocker, but I think Winston is a better all-round OT, definitely has the higher potential to be a better OT. He still gets my vote.

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