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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by BlueThunder, Sep 18, 2006.

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    What do you guys think of bringing him in at vet minumium.The guy ended up starting 9 games for the Superbowl champs and stayed in the league 13 years on the Steeler team .The guy can read offenses and may be able to help.Mario Edwards would be maybe a better pickup...He has some trouble but actually plays a pretty solid game in the shallows..You just have to watch some film and make your own choice.The guy started on the number 3 pass defense.I think he may come cheap if he is football ready...We basiclly didn't cover anyone and sometime a defenser wasn't even in the picture...We face almost all the top 10 offense in the league and this could be a long painfull year..:shoot:

    Theres no way we get away with giving up 350 and 400 yards a week in the air.We lost Haggens and need help..If we can stop a few receivers we can buy time..Someone has to be held accountable if can't get improvement and I know Kubiak won't go for failure on this team...Someones in deep **** if something don't change soon.Its screwing up the whole balance of the team.I don't think the DC will make next season if he don't get some help..bottom line

    This secondary was what 32 last year...Well bases on percentage from last year were worse..Manning has never lit this team up like he did Sunday.I am pissed off!!!!

    FS Lance Shultzer
    Ifeanyi Ohalete
    What about Kevin Thomas from Buffalo,,,I haven't researched him yet but he falls in the 4 year realm...

    He77,i'll take a zone defense right now

    Can't wait to here what happened to the secondary when they knew we had a game yesterday.I'm going to be really dissapointed if we go into the next 3 weeks without improvement or atleast trying to do something instant.I would like to see atleast one receiver shut down by this team.Thats all I have to say.
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    I'm up for finding a FS to replace Brown; he was out of position alot of what I saw. To be fair, I kept missing parts of the game (it was my birthday) so I can't be an accurate judge of what was going on. However, it did look like we were in a zone defense whenever Manning hit an open receiver and no one near him. I kept thinking "Where is everybody?"
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    What's that going for these days?...lol j/k :cowboy1:

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