Why was it okay for David to be a project

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by bayshorebevo, Dec 11, 2006.

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    but not Vince? I have never understood that. Funny how our experts might have been 100% wrong.
  2. TransplantTexan1

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    The thinking was that David Carr would've been less of a project, having played for four years and having seen NFL defenses for better than 60 starts. The problem is that in four plus years, it's obvious that David has not developed the pocket presence necessary to be the type of NFL quarterback that you want leading your team. VY, OTOH, has a natural pocket presence that doesn't really need to be taught. What Vince needs, more than anything, is more experience reading coverages, audibling and polishing off his throws from an accuracy standpoint. You can already see him improving in at least a couple of those areas.

    They goofed, but hey, the Texans are going to suck as an organization anyway if they can't get beyond that goof. Seriously. You have to be able to suck it up and move on when you make an erroneous personnel decision. All teams make them.
  3. Runner

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    David Carr is treated differently. The reasons can be debated - he's the QB, coaches see potential, McNair likes him, etc. Whatever it is, he gets inumerable chances while the Texans fail to develop and cut other young players that are arguably better at their position than Carr is at his. They cost far less too.

    Maybe - just maybe because my crystal ball isn't working - replacing Carr earlier could have saved other careers here.

    We'll never know, but there is definitely a double standard.
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    and thats the problem
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    I don't know about all that...... who may we have saved?? Gafney?? Bradford?? Wells?? Moran Norriss??

    Seriously we haven't spent much money on the offensive side of the ball(not counting overpaying for FA linemen. Kinda like Dallas is having success with right now)....... most of our Drafted Talent has been defensively, and their development.... or lack there of has little(that I can see) to do with David Carr.

    The Draft is a crapshoot...... you win some, you lose some. Sometimes, a guru can go for stretches of questionable picks(Parcells doesn't have a single lineman he drafted on his offensive line today...... not starting, not backup.... nowhere).

    I do wonder how much money the Texans plan to put into David & the OL before they figure it's time to go another route though.

    But I can't think of any player/players we may have ruined by starting David for 5 long years....... a few fans maybe..

    But as for why is it okay for David to be a project....... I'm thinking because it don't take a genius for anyone to see that we screwed that poor kid up. Nobody knows what he could have been...... he could have been Brady, Manning, or better..... after throwing for 600 yards in a loss, I find that hard to believe, but who knows.. we allowed him to get pounded, and pounded, and pounded.... in hopes to garner a .500 season..... that's pathetic. It'd be different if we were fighting for a playoff spot...... but for .500??

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