Why don't the Texans use Shotgun?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Mari-OWNED!, Sep 20, 2009.

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    I hardly ever see the Texans use the Shotgun formation, and I think it would help out against the tough defenses that penetrate our offensive line. Now the o-line did protect pretty well against the Titans today, but lets just bring up the Jets game scenario.

    We have good receivers that can get open and the shotgun would help avoid the pocket collapsing on Schaub. Also on 2nd/3rd and shorts the Shotgun can help disguise a running play.

    Just wondering what you all think, as I really only see Schaub under center. (I'm not complaining, just wondering/analyzing)
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    Just my two cents:

    It's easier for a QB to read a defense while he is dropping back from under center. In the shotgun, you have to catch the snap first before you can look up and see what is going on.

    Also, play action is more effective when your QB is under center. And we use a lot of it.
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    The Texans used that formation almost EXCLUSIVELY for pass plays against
    the Jets. When the pocket up the middle collapses as fast as it did against
    them, he HAD to, or he wouldn't have had time to throw the ball.

    In this game, the middle of the line did a better job of holding the point
    of attack, and he didn't have to go to that formation quite so much. The
    Titans bit hard on playaction all day, and the Texans offense feasted off
    it. Daniels, Johnson, and Jones lit up the Titans' aggressive run defense
    from under center.
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    Well, the majority of our pass plays are play-action oriented. So it only makes sense for Schaub to be under center for those plays.

    However, I think we have run several shotgun formation plays the past couple of weeks. I've got no problem with the number of them that we've run.

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