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    there has been a lot of polls on espn and other sports websites about whose the favorite to win the national title this year...right now USC and LSU are leading the polls...but here's my take on it...

    USC...with loses on both offensive and defensive sides especially if mike williams isn't allowed back will make an USC repeat very hard to come by...and without leinart's favorite target to throw to who knows how he will progress...i see USC being challenged by rival cal in the pac-10

    LSU...history has shown us that after a good season sabion generally as a mediocre season after...don't get me wrong...with the majority of his starters coming back it should make for a really strong season for the tigers but overall i just don't see them surviving the painfully tough SEC schedule

    OU...bob stoops wasn't able to carry the ball across the goal against LSU or K-state...personally with the lose of strait, everage, lehman, and most importantly harris look for OU to have lost a step but not by much...but also look for a determined UT team to beat them at the red river shoot out

    Georgia...the bulldogs are my favorite to go for the title this year and here's why...they too are retaining the majority of their starters from last year...their o-line which was very young has gained another year of experience and with the season ending with a sour taste in their mouths look for the bulldogs to come back with a vengence

    Miami...never underestimate the hurricane's...they lost so many starters to the nfl this past draft but they've been the top recruiting school for how many years...bottom line miami will always be at the top except for this year...call me crazy but i think FSU has had enough of them...look for bobby to start getting his guys ready for the hurricanes

    UT...these guys have been poised for a big XII championship ever since mack brown took over...and they haven't gotten it done yet...something's got to give...either the longhorns gotta win or brown is gonna be shown the door

    well those are the top teams i've seen and what i think of them...please give some feedback...let me know what ya'll think...how far am i off...or did i forget a team that you think has a chance at being number 1 :headbang:
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    Out yonder way...
    USC -

    Key losses -
    Keary Colbert
    Will Poole
    Jacob Rogers
    Melvin Simmons
    Kenechi Udeze
    Mike Williams ?
    Winston Justice?

    Nobody in the PAC-10 has the horses to run with the Trojans. If Williams is reinstated and Justice clears his legal problems, they'll roll to the MNC. Without those two, they may still roll. When you mix some of the best talent in the country with the best coaching staff, you're going to get positive results. They're my pick.

    LSU -

    Key losses -
    Michael Clayton
    Devery Henderson
    Marquise Hill
    Chad Lavalais
    Matt Mauck
    Stephen Peterman

    They're going to miss Clayton and Henderson. Randall has experience but he's no worldbeater. Throw in the always tough SEC schedule and I don't see them making it back to the title game.

    OU -

    Key losses -
    Brandon Everage
    Tomie Harris
    Teddy Lehman
    Derrick Strait
    Renaldo Works

    They get back their Heisman winner. They lose 1/2 of their secondary and the heart of their defense (Lehman). They're also winless since the departure of Mike Stoops (former Defensive Co-ordinator now head coach of Arizona). Should be interesting to see what new guy Bo Pelini (former Nebraska DC) will/can do.

    Georgia -

    Key losses -
    Robert Geathers
    Sean Jones
    Bruce Thornton
    Ben Watson

    They lose almost nobody. Problem is they still have to play Florida. Even still, the're my pick to play the Trojans in the title game (but lose).

    Miami -

    Key losses -
    Too many to list.

    They have no QB and have lost too much talent/momentum to be a factor anymore. They'll also be playing in a bit tougher conference (ACC) this year.

    Texas -

    Key losses -
    Marcus Tubbs
    Nathan Vasher
    Roy Williams

    They still have Mack Brown and Greg Davis. They won't go anywhere.
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    yeah i have it being USC vs Georgia for the national title but i have Georgia taking the title...just think they will be a tougher team playing in the SEC rather than the PAC-10...they'll be better prepared for the tough games than USC...but it's college football so who knows

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