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    Going to do a little exercise to try and narrow down our pick at 20. I have been looking over the prospects and I believe I have a list of 16 players that will in all likelihood be gone by the time our pick comes up. Here they are (in rough order of how much I like them) with a brief explanation of my reasoning:

    DT Ndamukong Suh This guy is the favorite to be the top pick and, at worst, goes 2 to Detroit.

    DT Gerald McCoy I would be surprised if he falls out of the top 3 and shocked if he falls out of the top 5.

    S Eric Berry Good shot at the top 5, don't see how he gets out of the top 10.

    CB Joe Haden Would be very surprised if he makes it out of the top 10.

    QB Sam Bradford/Jimmy Clausen These guys have the physical attributes and resumes necessary to be considered potential franchise QBs and those guys do not last long. I guarantee both will be gone before we pick.

    LB Rolando McClain Best LB in the draft, instant impact, instant leader, great all around player. He will go early.

    WR Dez Bryant I know there are some character concerns but he is a potential #1 WR. He should go in the top 10. Who else has been reading all the insiders saying scouts rate him better than Crab? I have.

    OT Russell Okung Arguably the top OT in the class. In most cases bad teams=bad offensive lines so these guys get snapped up early and often.

    OT Anthony Davis Will fight with Okung for the top OT spot and regardless of who wins they will both go early.

    DE Derrick Morgan Best all around end in this draft, can rush and hold up against the run. If he tests out well he could sneak into the top 5.

    OT Bryan Bulaga Good size, good athletic ability, great program pedigree. He has NFL lineman stamped all over him.

    OT Trent Williams Prototype RT prospect, the recent success of Loadholt helps. There will be a run on OTs and I think it ends with him.

    RB C.J. Spiller Top RB prospect in the draft has explosive play making ability in all facets of the game. Whoever drafts him is looking for a Harvin/Chris Johnson type player. Very talented.

    S Earl Thomas I know he is going to us in a lot of mocks but I think its a long long shot he drops. He is easily in the top 15 players of the draft and too many teams before us need a safety(or two).

    S Taylor Mays A lot of disbelievers out there and that's alright. After the Senior Bowl and combine I think he separates himself and could vault back into the top 10. I would take him in a second at 20 but for those of you who don't like him you don't have to worry because I think he is gone anyway.

    So that's my top 16, here are some guys who could challenge them or be available for us:

    LB Sergio Kindle Arguably the top 3-4 OLB in the draft. Physical specimen with the production to back it up. Was difficult to keep him out of my top 16 and I could see him going in the top 10-15 to a 3-4 team. The fact that I have him here is a testament to the talent in this draft.

    DE Jason Pierre-Paul Very talented pass rusher that I could see someone falling in love with. Has everything you want outside of experience. If he tests as well as some people believe he can I might need to make room for him in the top 10.

    DT Brian Price He is the guy that I covet at 20, I won't hide it. Before making this list I had a hard time seeing him fall to us but due to the depth of this draft I think we have a solid shot, I'm thinking 50/50. He has improved every season and has been very productive the last two especially. If he had stayed he goes top 10 next year.

    DE Everson Griffen I'm very interested to see how this guy will test out. He certainly looks the part and pass rushers tend to rise. In the end I don't think he makes it into the top 20.

    DE Carlos Dunlap Supposedly has Mario like measurables so the combine could be huuuge for him. I'll believe that when I see it but he has had a productive career. Character concerns but I sure hope he runs that 4.6 so someone else can drop to us.

    OG Mike Iupati If Price is gone this is the guy I want at 20. Looks like he could be a Pro-Bowl caliber guard for a while and if you can add that to your team you can't really go wrong, especially if you have trouble in the run game.

    CB Patrick Robinson He should test out very well and comes from a great program. I have a sneaky feeling that if Rick Smith has to chose between getting a guard like Iupati in the first or a cover corner he will choose the corner. I wouldn't be overly thrilled with that but this guy does have legit talent so I won't be too disappointed.

    Other than those guys the real wild card will be Tebow. If any of the rumors about Wayne Weaver are correct then he at least has a chance to land in Jacksonville. I don't think its going to happen (although they might aggressively pursue him after they make their first round pick like the Browns did with Brady Quinn) but it would be great on many levels if it did seeing as it drops another player and I don't think hes going to be overly successful at the next level.

    Please let me know what you agree with or disagree with.

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