Who are the best players in the Texans's need positions

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    I don't watch alot of college football. I guess I should, but that is not the point. I wanted to ask those who know who the best players are in the Texans's positions of greatest need. Safety and Conerbacks would have to be 2 of those positions as well as OL. By OL I mean to include Tackles, Guards, and Centers. In addition I would like to know how much the talent level drops off from the top in each position to the next. Usually one can group players of the same position by tiers according to their talent level and subsequent likely draft position. I will also add that I am aware that it is still very early so we are not aware of who will declare themselves eligible or of how possible injuries can affect the accuracy of these lists, so I'm not worried about that. I just think it will be a fun and informative process, so let the lists begin.
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    RB's and WR's have the greatest talents with the smallest drop off in the top few. They will be gone by the end of the first I'm guessing, and then the drop off is really large.

    CB only has a few guys being mentioned right now as 1st rounders, including Leon Hall, which means the drop off won't be that extreme.

    FS, there are only 2 worth having: Landry and Merriwether. Landry is overhyped and should go around 15. Merriwether is also overhyped, but should go late first/early second.

    LB's...well, there is some pretty good talent, but I havent really been able to gauge where I expect them to go. They have 1st round talent, but some may slip. Some guys are: HB Blades, Patrick Willis, Buster Davis, Paul Plouznezy.

    Really, only a handful of OL is being talked about as 1st round worthy. Most are LT projections. Levi Brown from Penn St., Joe Thomas from Wis., Sam Baker from USC. Justin Blalock from UT is the top OG prospect, while something Cook from Fresno St. is the best OC prospect.
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