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    1. Det - Matthew Stafford - QB- Georgia
    Detroit needs a young gun with all the intangibles that could step in right away.

    2. St. Louis - Eugene Monroe - OT- Virginia
    Aneed that needs to be addressed. Last year they missed out on Long. Monroe is not as sexy a pick as some of the others but is a tremendous athlete without, size, position, or character issues.

    3. KC - Andre Smith - OT- Alabama
    Tyler Thigpen was serviceable last year and they need help up front. They also could use LB help as they allowed 48% of 3rd downs to be converted. Sanchez or Curry could go here but I opted for the OT.

    4. Seattle - Michael Crabtree - WR-TT
    Hasselback needs recievers.

    5. Cleveland - Aaron Curry - OLB - Wake Forrest
    They need an immediate pass rush to replace McGinnist, from LB so here ya go. They could opt for a DE (Orakpo, or Brown) here, they also could look at RB to replace the aging Lewis. They also could take Ohio St CB Jenkins here. However I think they will take the best LB with this pick.

    6. Cincinatti - Jason Smith - OT - Baylor.
    Boy what don't they need???? But keeping Palmer upright is a must if they plan to improve.

    7. Oakland - Brian Orakpo - DE- Texas
    Without a pass rush their defense is average. With sack-a-po their defense might just turn it up a notch. I know Davis will fight me on this but he needs to not draft a reciever in the 1st this year.

    8. Jacksonville - B.J. Raji - DT- Boston College
    Needs beef in the middle

    9. Green Bay - Micheal Oher - OT- Ole Miss
    Injuries have hurt on DL an DB's , but age is hurting their tackles, thus I opt for the OL.

    10. San Fransisco - Malcolm Jenkins - CB - Ohio State
    SF has so many needs OT, DL, CB, S, QB,LB it is a toss up which direction they go. Maybe they take the Local Kid Sanchez at QB. However I opt to go with Jenkins. A great talent at 10 at a position of need. Hill showed he could move the offense, Next year you have 3 Heisman finalist in the draft at QB if things don't work out this year.

    11. Buffalo - Ray Sanchez - QB- USC
    JP is leaving they need a backup or potential starter.

    12. Denver - Rey Maualuga - ILB - USC
    They have DL issues, but have no LB's worth a... well ya know

    13. Washington - Brian Cushing -OLB- USC
    Could use anew GM but guess you can't draft one. They could go with Jerry here at DT, but they have nothing at SLB so I think they grab Cushing.

    14. New Orleans - Vontae Davis - CB- Ill.
    Well their Cb's..... Huh What Cb's nuff said

    15. Houston - Everette Brown - DE- FSU
    Nice compliment to Mario. A much needed 2nd threat off the line. With Bushs' up field attack philosophy" A match made in NFL draft Heaven"

    16.San Diego - Peria Jerry- DT- Ole Miss
    They could go with Maclin here but they need some more beef in the middle in case Williams gets hurt again.

    17. NYJets - Knowshon Moreno - RB- Georgia
    They need a QB,WR,CB,LB and RB. They need a RB for the power game. Plus With the exception Of Maclin at WR, I don't see a better talent on the board this high other than Moreno to be taken. I think they can get a #2 WR in a later rd.

    18.Chicago - Jeremy Maclin - WR - Missouri
    Since Bernard Berrian left they haven't had a potential great reciever.

    19.Tampa Bay - Clint Sintim- OLB- Virginia
    They could take Harvin (WR) FLA here, but I think they go D to find replacement for an aging Brooks.

    20. Det. f/ Dal - Aaron Maybin -DE/OLB Penn St.
    They need people at both positions. He could be a good DE with a few more pounds if not he would fit nicely as an OLB.

    21. Philly - Brandon Pettigrew - TE - Okl. St.
    Maybe a reach this high but LJ Smith is a Free Agent.

    22. Minn - Eben Britton- OT- Arizona
    One current right tackle is not adjusting well the other has off field issues.

    23. NE - James Laurinaitis - ILB- Ohio State
    Linebackers need to get younger quick

    24. Atlanta - Percy Harvin - WR- FLA
    Can you imagine Ryan with two legitimate threats??????

    25. Miami - Clay Matthews- OLB- USC
    A Tuna tradition. Draft a hard nosed 110% hustle LB.

    26. Baltimore -Tyson Jackson -DE- LSU
    Need help at WR,LB,TE, and DE. Best talent available for them.

    27. Indy -Darrius Heyward-Bey -WR- Maryland
    Need a replacement for an aging Harrison

    28. Philly - Larry English - DE - NO. Ill.
    They need a pass rusher for their Defense

    29. NYGiants - Derrick Williams- WR - Penn State
    This is a probably a reach, but Plaxico put them in a hell of a position and they need an immediate replacement as I think Burress has played his last down as a Giant.

    30. Tenn - Alphonso Smith - CB- Wake Forrest
    They need playmakers at WR, and depth on the OL and at CB opposite Finnegan. For the value of the pick I opt for CB.

    31. Arizona - Chris Wells - RB- Ohio State
    Edge wants out, Hightower showed flashes and they apparently don't trust Arrington.

    32. Pitt - Max Unger - OL- Oregon
    Depth, Depth, Depth

    RD1 Brown DE/ FSU RD2 Chung SS/ Oregon RD3 Moala DT/USC RD4 Jennings RB/Liberty
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    Pretty good mock. Not to nit pick or anything, but Britton is from Arizona, not Baylor.

    If the Texans did get Brown, Chung, Moala and Jennings in the 1st 4 rounds, that would be a pretty good haul. Not sure though if they would go after Moala. He's basically like another Okoye and TJ. I'm hoping they go after more of a space eater myself. JMHO!
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    My bad.... Fixed it
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    good mock, left feedback
  5. was385

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    Nice mock, I'd be incredibly happy if we could end up with those four guys.
  6. Maddict5

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    the bills pick is off.. they're pretty set on edwards and you dont go for a backup in rd 1. unfortunately i feel 11 is the lowest everette brown will go though id also love to see him in a texans uni
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    No DJ Moore in the first round? Many scouts have him moving past VD as the #2 corner.
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    Katy, Texas
    The Edwards slant has a lot of people thinking that as bad as the pass rush was,
    shoring up the o-line and giving Edwards an additional target in the seam makes a lot of sense. Pettigrew at eleven should be a lock.

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