Where was the gameplan LAST WEEK?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by GP, Dec 24, 2006.

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    Apr 24, 2005
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    It appeared we took two weeks after the Titans game so that we could use a full two weeks to gameplan for the Colts.

    Cuz I cannot understand why we floated a turdlet in NE and laid a golden egg today against a team we've never beaten in four or five years.

    Can anyone help me with this?

    Was Vince's dancing in the end zone so deflating that he just didn't care to play in NE?

    Was Kubiak resigned to not even trying to solve the puzzle known as "Belichick?"

    I mean, what's the deal?

    I saw a total lack of effort on everyone's behalf last Sunday...and then I see the team that Kubiak promised us when he became head coach.

    Granted, it's a bad Colts run D...but give me a break.

    I said he mailed it in against NE. I think he didn't even WANT to try and match wits with Belichick. I think he threw the towl in on that game, and had made his mind up to "run away to fight another day."

    Was this a strategic move on his behalf, to concede the NE game so that he could get us in better emotional/mental condition for the Colts game?

    If so, then he's a psycho.

    I've heard that he's pretty good at psychology and knows how to "work people," and I think I;m beginning to see it.

    My evididence is this:

    Exhibit A: We made just as good and effort vs. Titans, and lost a hartbreaker.

    Exhibit B: Kubiak, maybe even without his players' knowledge, purposefully "took a week off" vs. NE becaue he new that two close losses in row would plunge heteam into a setback that would make the Colts game (today) end in a 132-3 victory for the Colts.

    Exhibit C: The playcalling today was leap and bounds more imaginitive and stratgeic than vs. NE.

    I dunno, I'm not normally a conspiracy theorist...but I cannot logically understand the gameplanning from one week to the next. Some here have said at he let Calhoun interview for Air Force job so that he could move Calhoun down the road...and then I see today that he GOT the job, and I'm thinking that maybe Kubiak or someone else called the plays today and Calhoun has a reduced role now. Could that have something to do with it?

    I saw some imaginitative calls, such as the weird misdirection to Dayne on his 2nd TD. Then, we did the little Packers flip to Dayne for the crucial TD. Carr runs on a QB keeper for a 1st down. Carr does a spin and fires it to AJ for the big gain. Breuner gets a TE screen. Leach gets a TD pass thrown to him on a play that was called to go his way.

    Where was this kind of stuff vs. NE?

    Fishy, fishy, fishy, if you ask me.

    Macho men say that you never NOT give "your all," but maybe Kubiak knew better...and maybe that doesn't sit well with some of you.

    I think he's going to be a good head coach for us once it's ll said and done.
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    The Pats' D is much better than the Colts' D. Add that to the fact that we have already faced the Colts and the fact that Bill Belichick has seen Kubiak's offense many times before.
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    Kubiak knows the formula to beat the patriots. He did it last season. What killed us last week was the swatted down ball and hte pick by seymour, we then had to play from behind, and face that patriot pass rush and those patriot dbs... which is NEVER good. Our o line was beatup, our receivers routes weren't very good because the patriots ran some bump and run coverage with a safety over the top and the pass rush, we faced the best in the business. Say we played them healthy and that pick wouldnt have happend...you could have seen the same thing that happend this week.

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