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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TimeKiller, Oct 10, 2010.

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    I think I'll start with the OL. I'm sick of seeing Schaub running to make an off balanced throw. Why don't we just sit them all down, have one of the defenders toss Schaub the ball for a snap? Also, mercy me, can we please see a receiver get open sometime this year? Our receivers spend the day on the ground but we can't get 2 seconds of coverage to save our sanity. And by no means does Schaub escape the crap flinging, boy if you can't throw a dart ONCE a game I just don't know. All these short passes getting pussed in makes me :vomit: and the long passes dying early are ALL ending up as INT's. So far even with a lacking passing offense the run game has been a force and they couldn't get a block to save their lives.

    Steve Slaton as a KR...:vomit: I'll do it for my :money: back, I bet I get farther than 20 friggin yards. Catch ball - don't haul ass - hit one player (from either team) - fall over - collect payment. Yeah I can do that.

    Defense :vomit everywhere:

    You are kidding me. You got an all pro LBer back and you look WORSE?!?

    This D is a joke. Frank Bush is running the same fraidy cat crap D Richard Smith was pulling and it's enough. These guys have ZERO confidence, take forever to read a play, even longer to react and get steamrolled every week. Do. Something. Drastically. Different.

    I can understand when an offense has a bad day/out of sync/getting beat up by a good D. That isn't as bad as rolling over on D thouogh and golly gee do these dudes roll over. KJ has earned himself a seat, Quin isn't far behind, McCain isn't far behind that, Pollard is right next to him, Wilson is........

    Is there no man capable of covering a WR on this team? Bueller?

    Tired of the Mario or nothing Defense. Still waiting for a change...

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