Whats with all the Mario avatar's?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by gsus8091, Feb 9, 2007.

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    Why all the Mario avatar's? I thought he was the biggest mistake Houston has ever made. I bet you guys with all the Mario avatars are the same guys who, for passing on Bush and Young, were rippin him and the organazation. Oh my God this is the Jordan draft all over again. You got dumbass Kirk Herbstriet and the other ESPN idiots calling Houston the biggest chokers. KIRK HERBSTRIET???? Anyway, is it just a bandwagan thing? Are you finnally sold on him being a franchise guy, a guy who the Texans can build around?

    As good as most of you think Young or Bush are, guess what? There are players who are going to be just as good in the next few years coming out of college. Bush= McFadden, Young=any top 10 QB. Quinn, Russell, Brohm, Henne, Woodson, and even deeper with guys like McCoy, Sanchez, Perriloux, Stafford, etc. But none the less QBs and RBs come and go name other than J. Peppers one other truely gifted DE in the past decade. Truely spectacular? NO ONE. Will Young be better than Palmer, Manning, Brady or McNabb? Probably not. What about Bush against LT, LJ, SA, Deuce, Ronnie and so on.

    Williams is a excellent ,athletic defensive cornerstone. And after this year(2007) everyone and I mean everyone will realize that, not just the Texan loyalists. Its just kind of funny now to see all the love for him, now.

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