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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TEXANFAN23435, May 1, 2006.

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    I feel very good about our draft. I really don't care about the naysayers opinions. For once, I watched a team address their needs and not the glamour picks. We needed above all else OL,DL and LB's. This was taken care of.

    Now, the point of MW being forever linked to RB, BULL******!!!! First and foremost, the Saints have to get RB signed and in camp. N.O. fans don't think for a moment that RB isn't going to want #1 pick money. I see "HOLDOUT" in his very near future, and fortunately for us MW is signed and will be in camp on time. Advantage: MW. Mario is a DE and his success will be measured completely different than RB's. The TEXANS will absolutely negate this comparison if Kubiak's system proves to be as strong here as it was in Denver. DD put up solid numbers behind a very poor offensive scheme, last year. I believe Kubes is sold on DD and feel's his crew of RB's can duplicate the success of Denver's non-glamour and low-round draft picked RB's. If the TEXANS RB's accumulate 2,400+ on the ground this year as a whole, the RB debate is over and MW can concentrate on being a solid producer at DE.

    Let's get this season going and see if our changes were the right ones.

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