What we should've done on 3rd or 4th down against the Cards...

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Air Canada, Oct 13, 2009.

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    Does anyone remember our first win from last season? The Dolphins game? You know...the most exciting game in Texans history?!

    Well, on the final play of the game on 4th down we spread out wide on offense in the shotgun and Schaub did a QB draw for the game-winning score...

    Looking back on that play, I think that was sumthin we could've tried against the Cards around the goaline...

    Just a thought....

    Now, I'm not saying QB draw, but that would be a possibility,I 'm just saying that it would take advantage of that secondary and allow us to spread out the defense also giving us a chance to pass with AJ out there and the rest our WR's...I think that would have better played to our strengths and not our weakness...:spin:

    What a great "tough" drive that was....Here is the drive and that final play I'm referring too...

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    Thats what I said in another thread.

    Spread the field, and it gives you many more options.

    Or clog up the middle and get nothing.

    This team's coaches do not learn or retain lessons learned.
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    That play was also from the 7 or 8 yd line, not the 1. I would have rather seen the same formation but run a power sweep or a naked bootleg. With the heavy formation, everyone knew it was up the gut. Actually, If I had my druthers, Schaub wouldn't have thrown a pick-six, he would've thrown his 3rd TD and put US up 28-21 with no time left on the clock. I place a lot of blame for the loss on Schaub, but after 21-0, we wouldn't have been in the game without him and some damned good D.

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