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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Historyhorn, Sep 30, 2007.

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    Just like a lot of folks, I'm really disappointed after today's showing. The O struggled without weapons and the D was pretty much man-handled by a QB who has a rep on par with David Carr.

    But what today means really is that we are not good enough yet to sustain some key injuries and still win against lower echelon NFL teams. Really good teams can take some hits and still keep winning against the bottom feeders. We're simply not there yet. Another draft or two and we very well may be, but right now, we're on that razor's edge of being a good team....a playoff team. But we need things to fall our way and with our litany of injuries, it simply hasn't.

    Really, our hope now is to get our folks back quickly and maybe steal one or two until we're closer to full strength. We can still see the playoffs from here, but they are a much longer shot than even last week.

    Go Texans
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    The Texans are 2-2 & they need to focus on the Dolphins next week.
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    Yeah but playing so uninspired on offense , and so loose in the defensive secondary every team out there is gonna feel good playing us . For someone opening up the play book on offense this is a plain jane in your face scheme . We do not have the talent level as it stands today for that ! We need a few gimmicks , and we all saw the results of full bore rush at the end of the game today . Say what you like i am getting a sour taste for the coaching they need to step it up . For two years kubiak has stood by a running back that is dead in the water and of no use . Mark my words green is gonna be a cap hit next year ( dead money ) . Maybe im wrong , i hope so , but i doubt it .
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    I think some of us are overreacting to one lost, and it really has been just one bad game, I am not going to panic yet I still think we can make the playoffs.

    You guys remember the article "Overreaction Nation." well lets not show it today. I see some Falcon fans thinking playoffs after one win when it was doom and gloom before...Last week we lost to the Colts in a good showing and everyone still had hopes.

    I am with you man, I still have playoff hopes and think we can still sneak in and place 2nd in our division. We've only played one division game, and we are still undefeated when Green, Johnson, and Schaub starts.

    I still say 9 or 10 games. We lose next week i'll probably change that though.

    Maybe this was what we needed, maybe our players needed this humbling loss since for some reason the defense woke up late in the 4th qtr. This is the NFL, its 12 games left and A LOT can happen in those 12 games. Some teams are going to cool off, some teams are going to go on 5+ games winning streaks. What's important is for us to get our key guys back and get a win to get that hope back, to get that feeling back that this IS a different year and I still think it is.
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    There's only one team that has never had a bad day.

    The '72 Dolphins. :shades:

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