What Im really worried about...

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by aliaspgk, Sep 24, 2005.

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    Just a quick list of things Im really worried about

    1. Im worried that Carr has completely bought into this "my line sucks and therefore I cant really be expected to do anything" because I am beginning to see that in his eyes and from the way he interacts with opposing players (Farrior quoted as saying he was laughing at Carr as he was yellin at the line). He has lost his confident swagger that he used to have and he is genuinely confused about where he is as a football player. When we used to lose or make mistakes he always had an arrogant smirk like most good cocky quarterbacks have, but he looks shaken-as he runs out of the pocket regardless if it is breaking down (which it usually is 87% of the time). I just hope that he doesnt completely lose his confidence because it looks pretty low at the moment-and dont give up on him because there is a consensus around nfl insiders that he is an all pro talent.

    2. Im worried/have been worried that the Morency pick was one of the dumbest inconcievable picks in our short draft history. No one seems to be decrying this pick as much as I have...it was completely irresponsible for Casserly to draft a carbon copy of john wells-a heavy 4.8 running back who is 26 no less when we had a chance at some sound o linemen, outside linebackers or heaven forbid a good tight end that in our scheme could be carrs best friend in short dump routes. So many holes and we draft a 3rd string running back with little upside.

    3. Im worried that I will never be able to really root for P Burnt after that goal line play where he crapped his pants and slapped willie parkers %ss as he went into the end zone. Its been a long time since i've seen a complete lack of toughness comparable to that in the nfl.

    4. Im worried that it might take 2 more drafts before the axe falls on Casserly.

    5. Im worried that Dom Capers would still love to win every game 9-7 with the defense on the field for 79% of the action followed by an extensive game ball celebration in which he slapps every offensive starter painfully with a wet towel while ordering champange and hookers for his d.

    6. Lastly Im worried that I and others are not paying attention to the fact that we opened up with the two best defenses in the nfl...but Im even more worried that we are really as bad as we look.
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    1. Carr has never said anything about the O line that I have read or heard...
    2. Wells is 6'1'' 252 pounds, Morency is 5'9'' 212 pounds they are hardly a carbon copy of each other...Morency ran a 4.52 40, not a 4.8...
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    morency is closer to a carbon copy of davis. i too feel it was a wasted pick, but we've made it and we have to try to read between the lines.

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