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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by FirstTexansFan, Oct 8, 2007.

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    First game I could attend this year, my quick observations.

    Penalties at key times killed several early opportunities.

    We can't run the ball, Porky said it all last year, my signature reflects my feelings on the matter.

    We need a Center badly as well. Flanagan was pancaked more than once yesterday.

    On the TJ play, I wouldn't call that standing over a guy and taunting, wasn't particularly happy with the ref team we had yesterday, haven't had time to look at the number of penalties, but they seemed to flow more our way.

    Schaub's human, he throws a few high, he loses his touch now and then, and he doesn't see wide open receivers at times. Not bashing him, just a reality check on his skills before I build that altar of worship :)

    I felt our clock management at the end of the game was really poor. Seems to be an ongoing issue, if Brown misses that 57 yarder, I'm sure this would have been our main focus of conversation today.

    I know we've had injuries, and we're doing the best we can while they are away, but truth, the weakness isn't the receiving core. Andre Davis has done an exceptional job in AJ's absence. I don't know how you keep him out of the game when AJ returns. He finds ways to get open, and he makes the tough catch. Will Green's return mean a return to a decent running attack? Maybe, but if he proves to be injury prone (I believe he is), we don't have a suitable second stringer.

    Seeing the game yesterday was like watching paint dry.....by the time the winner was decided, I was quite bored with the whole thing.

    I believe better days are coming, so I'll keep on drinking my Kool-Aid for now :)

    I'll see you guys for the New Orleans game!
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    This is a huge point.

    This would have been a far different game.
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    Our defense is painful to watch. We have a knack for making backup QBs look like the second coming of Joe Montana sometimes.

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